PS4 PVE 30 SLOT Looking for more players. Active admin

Settings are beginner friendly. You can join one of our clans or start your own. 3 basic rules dont be rude to any one. dont build at spawn in points and dont build all over the map. The admins are friendly and ready to assist you however you may need. This server is paid up for one year so its not going anywhere. If this sounds good to you message jray32363 or Madworld1976 for info on how to join. We look forward to hearing from you and playing conan exiles with you.


Hey, looking for a new server since the one that I was playing on is now constantly full and impossible to join. Tried to message you on here but dont know how.

Sorry for not getting back to you but I rarely get this. Yes we have room in our server. You can message me on the PS4 that is the best way to contact me. We also have a community page called BAMF Community page. We have our rules posted there and all our admins moniter that page. I will check back here maybe later today or tomorrow to see if you have replied.

Sounds good to me my tag is ranjore1987 just got the game it’s got my attention if you are still looking ,thank