Looking for conan exiles pve server

Hi im looking for friendly pve or pvec server. Enjoy playing looking for easy going people to join the game with

We have a pve 10 slot server in US east almost full of active players. We are all adults and have fun. Very few rules. Message me at jray32363 on ps4

Update we now have 30 slots so plenty of room.


I’m looking to join a pve server. New to the game. Looking for a US server if possible

our server is US east


Hey man,

Me and a buddy are looking to join an active server to settle into.
Are you EU based? Do you have a password for your server? We are in the UK and looking to hop on in a few hours.
Let me know and thanks :slight_smile:

We are US east but one of our admins is in the UK and he said it works great for him. He would love to have you join. Yes we have a password. Please message me at jray32363 and I will give you the information to join. Thanks jray32363

hey OG

i am jrays uk based admin server works fine for me be kewl to have more eu based players lol

Hi looking for password to server thanks

Message me or Madworld1976 for server name and password. It wouldnt be smart to put it here as then anyone would have access to it.


Hey, we recently started a server that is PVE barbaric+ which makes the game much harder. But makes team play all the much better! We play daily and typically always chat in discord. What to join in?

(PC) Server IP: 29615

Hey, I’m away from my ps4 but I know someone in the server. Wondering if I could join?

who do you know in the server? Our server is starting to fill up but will make room for active players who know players already on the server. Message me at jray32363

Im forever glad I joined this server. Active admin and moderators are helpful if the mods go wrong after updates. Lvl 300 cap. Perfect mild mods that dont OP the game, just extend helpful things like better building. Friendly folks, like some pvp but leave you alone If you’re not into it. Mild RP not mandatory but pretty fun. Extra dungeons and events. No wipes but she monitors who leaves and wants to destroy their building or who hasn’t been on on months etc.

Discord to join too. People all over the world so always someone online. Gets busy, but max Ive seen on is 9/20 which is a nice number. New updated rules which make the pvp and rp even better.

Are you still looking for people my psn is ranjore1987