Ps4 Pve firendly server

Friendly Pve only server open to everyone.
People are welcome to join the clan or go solo we dont mind
All we ask is do not build near spawn points for bosses or important locations
We have a central base camp set up in middle of the map
we have a ps4 community page just set up ( still working on it) called BAMF conan exiles asell either aply to join on there or drop me a psn message
we do not tolerate griefing other players or stealing from bases if you need help just ask ingame or via the community page
Psn ID is madworld1976

Is the a US server and howlongs it going to be up for?

hey sorry for late reply server is based in the US majority of the players are US based and it will beup for alongtime we arent planning on leaving

And ur psn has msgs blocked

I’m interested bro.

Hey drop me a psn message with your id and will gve you the info

three old guys looking for a casual server to play. will hit you up tonight with psn

yea no worries

If you are still looking for people my psn is ranjore1987