Returning player needs a new guild

Returning player looking for pve guild. I haven’t played since 2011, i am just starting my second month back and looking for a PVE guild. I am a newb because I basically forgotten everything. Sadly I came back to a dead guild, I will keep one old toon in there as killing off Ravens of Memory as killing the guild with a t3, renown level 18 city is a waste.

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There is a list here,

about the same guilds are still active however some of them are now in saga server. I used RF to train back the skills as tank and such.

Welcome back. It is difficult now, it seems but with a dead, but established city you might consider rebuilding and recruiting, finding a few people willing to help. I might have an alt floating around somewhere to aid the cause - I’ve tried building from scratch and it’s difficult without a city to offer. If you’re interested, hit me up here or in game, if not good luck all the same :sunglasses:

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Assuming you are on Crom :slight_smile:

Have you tried out Saga of Blood yet?

If your offer still stands you can mail basitani or shocking. I am playing basi but shocking is the guild leader.

If your offer stands and you want to try to get the guild going mail basitani or shocking(is the guild leader).

My guild on Crom runs t4+ on the evenings. Almost everyday. I’m sure they have space for ya.

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Hey Piifara, I was in Ravens along time ago . would like to catch up with you tho and talk about it.

I have been playing pyriaa a lot, add her to your friends list please.

I too am returning to the game after being away from it for the past 4 years & our problems are one & the same… I returned to an empty guild (DeFiance) on the Crom server & I’m completely lost, although I’ve played the game faithfully from 2009 to 2014… Any help from you or anyone else would be greatly appreciated… My main toon is Madtaurus

See if you know anyone who is now in Nightwolves or in TEG (the epic guard).

Darkwind is a great guild.

”Great guild”
They pay good players to join their guild.

Lol, you are mistaken my friend. If I was payed to join, I would simply join the guild, take gold then leave. I actually got invited because I requested so. Now I got a nice guild. I am probably guessing you’re one of the few who got kicked out for bad behaviour or outright got denied access to the guild for whatever reason. In my book, any guild that let’s t4 characters in for t6 are gods.

It was real money btw, and i’ve talked to players that got paid to join your guild. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

t5 has the same gearbudget as t4, not sure why it would be anything special to go t6 on t4 toons. in fact all current guilds that clear t6 (darkwind not included since they have 1 boss left to go) bring several t4 geared toons each raid. its old nerfed content after all.

Sorry t3 my bad t4 is pretty normally requested.

If you yourself didn’t get paid to join, only talked to players who supposedly did, I honestly don’t buy it.

I have no interest to join that guild lol, I assume you’re pretty new in the guild because you seem to know very little about darkwind

I have seen far enough of the guild, and it’s been a month. And to be honest I don’t care what you think. Your views are your problem. You just sound salty AF especially when you have no real proof. Either way, that changes nothing.