Returning player needs a new guild


Returning player looking for pve guild. I haven’t played since 2011, i am just starting my second month back and looking for a PVE guild. I am a newb because I basically forgotten everything. Sadly I came back to a dead guild, I will keep one old toon in there as killing off Ravens of Memory as killing the guild with a t3, renown level 18 city is a waste.


There is a list here,

about the same guilds are still active however some of them are now in saga server. I used RF to train back the skills as tank and such.


Welcome back. It is difficult now, it seems but with a dead, but established city you might consider rebuilding and recruiting, finding a few people willing to help. I might have an alt floating around somewhere to aid the cause - I’ve tried building from scratch and it’s difficult without a city to offer. If you’re interested, hit me up here or in game, if not good luck all the same :sunglasses:


Assuming you are on Crom :slight_smile:

Have you tried out Saga of Blood yet?