Returning Pirate

Hello, is the game worth returning to, as someone who does not pvp but prefers pve and social aspects of games?

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I guess so, when did you last play? If it was around 2016 then not much has changed since then. PvP hasn’t changed at all in ages and PvE is still very active, you just need to join a bigger guild if you are starting out fresh to find enough people who teach you things since random people most likely won’t be very helpful.

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Welcome back! The game is still enjoyable for me after 6 years. If you are looking for a social guild, there are a few good ones out there yet. Most are small but they do things together sometimes.

I can think of two good social guilds depending on what time you play, if interested.

A world of caution.
Most of the larger guilds use voice chat, so if you use that, could be an option but a person always wonders when the chat screen is blank if all the vets are using voice if you dont.

Ask in game for a good social guild, be prepared for the invites.

Global/NPH chat channels have their share of trolls, griefers, bitter vets, etc- but we have an ignore function now. Most people are helpful though and will answer questions or help with a boss or quest on occasion.

Hope this helps some,enjoy the game :beer:

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Thank you! What guilds might those be? :open_mouth: I don’t entirely mind VC

It depends on your timezone. :wink:

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My timezone is est

Yawg moth is right, depends on time zone and when you play-

My home guild The Risen Knights, does not use voice, we have est and cst people and europeans which our main time is 2pm to 6pm. cst (give or take). We only have a few that are regulars, but great people. Full T3 city. We occasionally run together, but often we do our own thing while chatting.

Second for social guilds in my opinion is Tribunal. Good folks, the leader is super nice and people are good too. I think they do have voice available.

For large guilds, I would just watch global, try a few out and find one you like. I cannot speak about all the large guilds but my experience is a person is easily lost among the vets of the guild. And large guilds seem to have more drama.

If interested, post in chat during the game looking for invite to whatever guild or post what you are looking for from a guild.

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