Clueless as to where to start

I’ve been playing AOC for many years off/on. I’m a solo player and I’ve done a few T1/T2 raids but nothing in many years. I don’t mind doing group dungeons, except that I’m not in a guild and most guilds tend to expect you to have experience in the higher level dungeons, which I don’t. Not sure how you’re expected to get experience when you’re ruled out, because you don’t have experience? It would be nice to find a guild that doesn’t pressure you into doing raids but isn’t afraid to offer you one if you’re interested. I would think it would probably be a smaller guild, one still getting started. Yet, that would seem to me to be exactly the type of guild that would need all hands on deck when they do decide to do a raid, which means pressure to join. Solo playing is great, but there are times and bosses, which are impossible alone. Does anyone have any ideas?

this is a widespread urban legend (and often used as an excuse) you do not have fear, most of the guilds worthy of the name will be happy to share with you their wisdom, experience and their tactics and teach you how to play better, good guilds have forums where they share information and vocal chat, that make it more easy.
Search for a good guild with a good activity and compatible with your schedules and you will see that your gaming experience will improve infinitely

this is another urban legend that I often hear from people who have never been to a guild. In my experience, no guild will ever press or force you to be part of the guild raid (its a game not a work), the organized guilds have a calendar on their site, you go there and sign your self for the raids you are interessed, even if is supposed if you there, you may want to be part of it and on the contrary, if the guild already has an active raidforce, you might be forced to take turns and not be able to immediately participate in all the raids that the guild offers

I dont think so or at least it depend what you mean for little. This, as every MMORPG, need numbers. Too small guilds have few life and few activity, image one guild of 6 friends, mean, assuming that the classes are all compatible, you have to be all online, for have activity in guild or you have to pugs and this only for dungeons, for sure one guild of 6-12 people is out of raids.
What you have to look is one active and friendly guild, there are several aroud, all depend to your timezone

solo-play is like 10% of game, when you will have a guild, you will come back to tell us how much you are happy because game is totally changed for you :wink: