Add higher tier Unchained Solo Quests



Add higher tier Unchained Solo Quests that reward T4 Relics. Reason is that there is nothing to do to advance your character except Raid Finder or Raids now. The Rare Tokens rewarded by the Unchained Solo quests can only be used for lower grade gear than what is offered by Raid Finder so no reason to do them anymore.

You could really just add a new layer of difficulty to the old Unchained Solo quests so we have something fun to do that advances our characters. Or make some new ones if there is time for that.

Alternatively you could create a higher level of rewards for Rare Tokens. I just want something to do to have fun with my character that also advances my character somehow.



This is also great for those people who aren’t welcome to a great many Raid groups and/or have a low tolerance for the same.

Would be nice to have something that actually takes some thought vs Raid Finder face-roll.



I agree, also, remove the “silver” reward for raidfinder. Is very annoyint to open 6 chests and… Get no reliques…


I would really love this myself! I know Funcom doesn’t want to do any more development for this game (sadly) but simple changes such as these are doable and would go a long way.


Rares are never a waste …they buy character enhancing potions in game … inc hit rating, combat rating, mana/stamina regen etc, also self-Rez potions.


Armor and gear do things potions can’t and no one would play AoC just for more potions. Which is what I am getting at. Once you get to the Raid Finder level you are really on the quest for tier 4 relics. And, if you are like me, who intend to do PvP, tier 5 and tier 6 pve gear mostly blocks the ability to play PvP, so not worth getting.

So my current experience in AoC is log on, stand around waiting for RF, do RF, log off. Maybe until next week. So what is needed is something to do while waiting for an RF like the solo Unchained quests, but that reward T4 relics at maybe a higher difficulty than regular Unchained solo.

Also, I am a 10 year subscriber and I still can’t get accepted on a normal Tier 4 Raid because everyone wants you to have Gear, Experience in playing the Raid, VOIP of the month, and apparently having done the Raid on RF 50 times does not = Experience. rofl!