Mandatory Tier gear to do Tier raids

for example ….T1 raids you can only have T1 or blues and greens to get into the Raids…and for T2 you can have T2 or lower gear and for T3…T3 or lower…this keeps the integrity of the raid to the ability of one to play their toon not to just over power the mobs…or come to a T2 raid in full T6 gear and keep others from performing their role because you RULE the day…now you can raid upwards and gear doesn’t matter but only downwards would the T-level matter…

I would also like to be able to go to lets say go to the feat planner and consolidate the current set of gear that you have equipped into one Icon so you can easily click on it and the gear is equipped…this would help when you quickly customized gear sets to actual bosses without having to look through your stuff and then equip all the correct pieces ….one click and done…

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Yes, that’s an amazing idea, yours and all others that input their thoughts about AoC… on the other hand do you think that funvacation gives 2 cents about any of our ideas? Or the fact that we’ve been paying (some of us) since the beginning of the game and we don’t even have customer support anymore? I wish I was wrong but… and I’m not trying to put you down… but it’s the truth


If they did something like this they would have to provide at least 100 free extra inventory and / or bank space slots. No way in hell all this gear could fit into current bags, probably not even the most expensive one from the item shop.

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If they do something like that, they should also reconsider the times for the raid achievements.
But, it’s not going to happen, so… :grimacing:

It’s an idea. But the problem as I see it is this. A fresh 80 will have no tiered gear so they can’t raid to get gear. Except if course for grinding wb and rf until the have enough gear. And depending on the rf, they may get T3 or T4 skipping lower tiers altogether.

We’d be lucky to get new content, but even with the announcement of new content, that was put on hold (yeah, hold lol) I seriously doubt anything new will happen.

Maybe tencent will take a look at the game, who knows. That is a case of be careful of what you wish for.

I dont see how this is worth any devtime. This is not really an issue compared to other issues in the game that needs attention, like the fact that people dont do content else then raidfinder. This suggestion basically just makes less veterans raid lower content, a type of content that no one ever does, and if someone decides to do it, they prolly need the vets to fill a raid anyways. Any dev attention should be aimed at motivating people to do all types of content in the game imo.


Please don’t make Conan Exiles into WOW.

Uhm… what? We are talking about AoC here… which already is kinda like WoW… because it’s a MMORPG.

To liven up the game i would suggest that, T1-3 has a 8h cooldown with 10 guaranteed shards for every boss and a need/greed coffer with an additional 40-50 shards in addition to ordinary loot and relic drops. T4 can have a 24h cooldown and t5-6 has a normal cooldown, with all 3 top tier raids offering the same amount of shards and normal relic drops as the lower tier raids. And to completely kill that blasted raidfinder i would also suggest a way to convert T3 tokens into T4 that same way as for T1, 2 and 3 tokens. That gear requirement suggestion would, IMHO, kill low tier raiding all together


You are on the wrong forumsection :slight_smile: This is age of conan not conan exiles

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I think this would be a cool feature. I’d love to go through T1-T3 ( no khitai gear) with no AA and lower gear than what everyone is rocking currently. It’d certainly highlight the content can be difficult, even with all the nerfs funcom threw down on ahazu zagam, Chatha, hathor ka, arbanus, and the brothers. And it’d give vets another chance to relive old raid content :slight_smile:

Omg my bad sorry.

What you want is some kind of gear cap for raids.

My suggestion is, just put RF Shards on every HM’s and UC’s to motivate the people to do “high end” content compared to ridiculously low end RF. It is much more worth, and much easier to do.