Mussagana Must Learn to Recycle

Funcom, in a semi-recent stream, basically said there are no plans for future AoC content, just events like Saga. At the same time, there are 2 raids, (T5 & T6) which a large majority of players are unable to clear. The players who regularly clear these raids don’t want them nerfed, but the players who are incapable of doing the raids feel that their gear progression has stopped at T4. So here’s my idea: instead of making new content, how about recycling old content that everyone already knows how to do?

You take the tier 2, wing 2 raid, and make it so the bosses are all on par with T6 bosses. Instead of reworking fight mechanics, simply give bosses damage and health adjustments. Then, make the loot table similar to the T5 loot table by spreading it across four bosses. As far as raid loot goes, take T3 PVP gear, recolor it and call it T5.5 gear. Make it so the stats are a side grade from T6, the way T4 and T5 currently are. Also consider making some tank weapons protection weapons.

In order to make the rewards useful to everyone, make it so the T5.5 gear also gives you the exact same Emerald Lotus Coating buff as the T6 gear and allow them to stack. This will do 2 great things. First, it allows all those players currently unable to progress through T5 and T6 a chance to get completely new gear (and possibly give them the gear needed to actually attempt T5 & T6), And secondly, it gives players who currently clear T6 the chance of chasing new gear that they can mix and match with their T6 gear.

I’ve been told that in order to make each raid-finder it requires recreating the encounter from scratch, so I know it’s not simple. But I can honestly say that instead of creating yet another raid-finder, this would be vastly preferable by most of the community. And since Wing 2 has yet to be released as a raid finder, it would be a better use of the developers time.

Brainstormed this with Phonehome & Rip from Requiem Nex, Maozter from Nightwolves, Morialia & Evito from The Ivory Tower, Chacha, Daghora & Testarossa from The Epic Guard and Halfdead from Rogue Angels.


Its a great idea, this additional content would be cost effective for Funcom to deliver and would definitely increase Funcom’s revenue and profitability.

not sure. imo there is no place (not count t6) where you need armor better then t4, weapons is other story, some of t3.5 are better then t4. gear progression stopped at t4 because, well, did you ever saw a t5 pug? also I don`t think that it will be fair for those who grinded their @sses off to get t5-t6 gear.

p.s. but I like yr idea in general and place. those w2 bosses are fun to kill

I like some of the ideas a lot. ReusIng old encounters. Reusing old items with new stats (for instance “searing sword” model is one of the most nice in the game) and freedom in mixing items for keeping up or even mixing new set bonues. I dislike the idea to reuse pvp gear model. It should be reserved to those that took the effort in pvp since its nice vanity. And yeah needing more than t4 for t6 is a myth… so its new stuff to do for that one that did everything already or those that cannot do what is left now.

They should Recycle old low level instances as New Unchaineds. We have a lot of them, Sanctum, Cradle of Decay, Piramide, Black Castle, etc. Recycle all old instances.We dont need t5,5, we need T7 raid Unchained T2, then T8 new raid content but its 0,0001% chance, if not make T3 Unchained as T8.


Even reusing old stuff is too much work, in the old forums we said the same about the low level dungeons that are not unchained dungeons yet but it isn’t as simple as we thought, the Devs themself said it. There is a lot more work involved than simply changing some numbers at the bosses and calling it T5.5 / unchained or something like that.
So I don’t actually have any hopes of getting new recycled content.

I’d like to see it happen, but unfortunately none of us will hold our breath.

I love your enthusiasm and I wish Funcom would do more for this game and the dedicated players who have supported it for the last 10 years. But Funcom moved on from this game the day they started developing the secret world. They even told us then that most of the AOC team had been moved to that project. Then 2 years ago, they flat out said there will be no more new content added to this game outside of that which was already made and just needed the switch turned on. The best way to get funcoms attention is to quit spending money on this game. Play it for what it is.

And for those stuck in guilds that can’t do anything but t1, t2 and t3, there’s a reason for it. Your leaders suck at playing the game and constantly give you bad specs, bad rotations and bad advice. If they knew what they were doing, they would be progressing instead of running content that is 10 years old. Do yourself a favor and get a parser program. Go to pug raids hosted by top level guilds when they offer them and do raid finders. When the fights are done, compare you toon to the others of the same class. If they are kicking your ■■■ on the parse then ask why. Don’t just assume it’s gear because 9 times out of 10 it’s not the gear, it’s the players understanding of how that class should be played. And for healers who just stand around and healbot (aka throw big’s and blues everytime they are available, your not doing your job. Every ToS, PoM and BS in this game is capable of being in the top 10 if not outright top the parse for damage done if you know what your doing. heals only need to be thrown every 20 to 30 seconds. Those other 19 to 29 seconds you should be hammering out as much DPS as possible…If you don’t know how, start asking. Do something to make yourself a better playing. ASK THOSE NOT IN YOUR GUILD FOR HELP!!! Most people will help you (except pvpers because they are all assholes.) Help make your guild better by helping yourself.


Yes but not even just limited to raids. Everything should take a buff to be on an appropriate level for the gear. That goes for khitai dungeons, t2, t3 etc. call them nightmare modes or unchained whatever name fits. The encounters are good, the mechanics are good, the only thing making anything obsolete (outside of few really bad dungeons) is the power creep. And give em some new form of tokens to buy some new items.

It’s mostly just number tweaking and I’m sure there’s plenty of people happy to be test guinea pigs to make sure it’s balanced enough.

It’s not likely to happen but I’ve felt it should’ve for years. Sure it’s not the same as new content but it’d be something different at least. T6 and Chaos as the last relevant content got boring long ago…

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Yeah at this point I would be all up for having a dungeon quest that gives both t4 relics and shards, just to make it relevant again.

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Redoing raids like we did for T5 is something I’m open to, but this isn’t something we’re currently planning on.


I hope saga cash grabs with item shop pvp boxes isn’t all you are currently planning on ^^

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So it means you’re planning something else for AoC, huh? :d

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It will be very nice idea to go some similar path you did with releasing t5 and t6, I mean after every unchained raid there should be totally new content based on Howard’s books (maybe t8 could be Zath related, as the last saga was?)

As we have been stuck with T6 for 3 years and Chaos/RF for 2 years as the endgame content it would be cool to switch things up a bit.

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But the OP wasn’t talking about something as complex as t5 though (where the boss mechanics have been changed completely versus regular t1) - rather simply buffing the hp/damage numbers in old raids (so just changing a few numbers here and there to account for the power creep in other words).

That shouldn’t be too complicated, no?

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It should be done across all dungeons aswell to make all the redundant gear we have relevant. Will spark life into the game for sure.

Much more interested to see this done in dungeons (that are much more accessible) than raids, but Im not opposed to what OP is saying.

Secret world has a similar system to what we want, except we have the choice of hardmode/normal mode already. So we just want scaling hp/damage numbers, and a leaderboard to see who has beaten “which level”

added rewards for higher difficulty could be the 10% attribute pot and ATLANTEAN SHARDS(!!!) and the bloody MoAs unavailable through group content.

Funcom should totally make T2 into a upgraded raid. It’s in 3 wings anyway, so they wouldn’t need to do it all at once and could roll it out gradually, just do wing 1 first, followed by wing 2 in a few months, etc.

Luckily AoC was way ahead of it’s time, the graphics are still fairly solid, animations are top notch, combat system is one of the best. What I think could truly revitalize Age of Conan would be Age of Conan Remastered. Ask Rui for some additional artist to fix up the horrendous textures (Ie Conalls valley mountains and trees etc) on the maps and do something similar to black dessert where you up the graphics across the board. Then add leveling events on all the zones up to 80. For example small region announced boss encounters that bring low level players together for some nice blue gear while leveling. Funcom’s marketing team is really good and almost every funcom game has had insane hype. Make a huge announcement; Age of Conan Remastered where you polish all the zones from level 1-80 experience Open up fresh servers with cool rulesets and Age of Conan will be an insane story of the sunken ship that returned to greatness.

In fact it might.
before kithai all mobs are set with parameters limited to 80 levels max.
after kithai mobs are set with more levels and surely more parameters to copy AA players got.

so if you want to make an unchained with existing low level mobs, I d’ bet you’ll have to rework all mobs database and objects parameters, not just giving them more strength and more life.