4 Years without a New Raid

We have been waiting for a new raid for years, every toon is full t6, so many people have conquered the game…don’t you think its about time we have T7 and then t8…seriously give the community something back.

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I agree, getting hit by 7k assassin bombs is far too low. I think a new tier of sin gear should be added, that way t7 assassins can 1 shot max geared tanks as well.


Im sure u can figure out a way to solve that issue in 5 seconds m8

Took you long enough to realise where the bias lies. :upside_down_face::beers:

Because adding -pvp stats that actually make a difference didn’t occur to you?

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So in the last quarerly report of 2016 Funcom themselves stated:

“No further significant work is expected to be done on this project going forward.”

That the game is still up and running, that we get Saga server(s) and some new minor upgrades like this unconquered thing is whats in store for us. You are only making yourself a huge difavor if you are hoping for more. Asking for a new raid tier at this point is as moot as asking for pigs to fly.


Just put on -1000 pvp hit rating on every single armor piece like they did with t6 weapons and the problem is solved.


While I know a while back Funcom stated no significant work is expected going forward, that was from 2016. It’s now 2019, and if I’m not mistaken, Funcom has had some decent quarterly reports recently. I would hope that their stance on new content could be revised as a result.

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I off course hope you are correct and that we get new content (even unchained). But I just have a feeling any revenue they make will be invested back into newer products (Exiles) and new games (like Conan Unconquered) etc. So I still think its very unlikely we see significant updates for AoC.

The two best things that happend lately imo is Morialas leaderboard 6-mans challegnes and MyStyggas PVP tournament and they are player driven so maybe that could be some path to explore a bit.

The player driven content is good, however those sort of things should have been supported in game by Funcom for years. PVP tournament should have been seasonal competitions like in other MMO’s and the pve leaderboard (raids and 6 mans) should have as well (I remember Rift had weekly/monthly time challenges and a leaderboard for their instances/raids).

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Rip, I’m with you that it sucks not having any new content. Looking at the T6 progression list, it’s sad seeing how many of those guilds are no longer around as viable raid units. Even my guild (Rogue Angels) unfortunately decided to suspend organized raiding in Nov 2018. We now only have a handful of players in guild that assist other raid team in T6/T5 (mainly RN and TEG right now).

and yet there are so many players that have never even had the chance to assist in a T5 or T6 raid.

Just enjoy the game, before Funcom pulls the plug, cause the gaming industry will never make as good MMORPG as Conan ever again. If you watch the big 3 with their fail mobile diablo, ultra buggy fallout, and pay2win star wars-es, you know where the industry is going. We will never have Age of Dune. More likely Dune Legends.

P.S. 1st post in 5 years and 1st in this forum since back in-game yey :))

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Yeah, FC have been clear about the direction they’re going in. This is a nice idea, but just fantasy. And now that they’ve obliterated the activity from SoZ with SoB, made their money i doubt we’ll see another saga for a couple of years, if ever. they’re currently faffing around doing a saga server for Anarchy Online, so their focus will be that until the revenue dries up. then probably Secret World…
Basically their business focus is on mulitplayer, but not mmo’s now, they’re basically making left4dead 3 with a different name if i remember correctly. i seem to remember the quarterly report saying they’re not doing mmo’s any more. aside from building revenue for other projects i guess.

Celebrating 4 years without a new raid!

Join my guild and help us raid! That’s a challenge!

Why should anyone switch guild for raiding? Just bunch together as raidforce.

Never understood the join our guild to raid bullsh**

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They should downsize raids to 12 man. Easier to balance and it makes the content available to more people.

You’re 100% right. I think it would make it easier to get raids going. But then again at this point in time with AoC we are lucky it’s still goin.