Why is Funcom killing this game

Don’t you think its time to add a new raid…t7…t8 and new six man dungeons. So many players are leaving this great game as they have done everything and maxed out all their toons. Bring people back in game by offering content instead of bleeding the community.

We have been asking for years, surely it would be a profitable exercise so please do something!!!

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They’ve already replied game is in maintenance mode so expect nothing new.

No the mod here did say there was something new coming this year so it’s wait and see time.

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It’s sad that it’s been over 3.5 years since T6 released in Oct 2015. That’s a long time without content. It’s funny when say for example in WoW, if they go 3.5 months without a raid, the players there get all upset about “no content”…

Unfortunately I don’t foresee this ever changing. It’s a shame to look at the raid progression thread and see so many guilds that are no longer active in raiding. It will eventually dry up and no one will be doing T6 anymore. Then the game will be left with Raid Finder plebs who can only talk about the “great players of the past that could do T6!” :sob:


You mean the evil elitists? ^^

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Vanity weapons, badges, armor ports from Exiles, and gimmick Saga servers is not what I’d consider “real content”.


Before the time when the oceans of mediocrity drank Hyboria and the rise of the plebs of Raid Finder, there was an age undreamed of. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!


Well for starters, if they remove class limitations for vanity window, it will give me a reason to play a Barb, maybe a shammy

No nothing to do with any of that. The mod post might even have been on the Vanity armor thread, but when he said ‘something new was coming’ it had nothing to do with weapons, badges or armor or the promotional event now running.

While it might be another Saga server the drift didn’t seem like that’s what he was talking about.

Like I said, wait and see mode.

I would prefer a Age of Conan 2 since Funcom had a great run now and many many new player in Conan Exiles which would be happy to buy a Conan MMORPG. But a good MMORPG would take 3-4 years to make it.

Well. Maybe one day my dream come true.

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So you want hundreds of people to lose their jobs so you can get a short satisfaction ? What a loser…

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