So is this what is to become of this once awesome game?

I, like many, have been playing since launch. I play for PVE. I like doing 6 mans and I love raiding. I have been lucky enough to belong to a guild that has farmed the heck out of all content this game has to offer. So now my question. Is this the end of the line for us Progression players?

I can’t be alone in feeling like this. Hey, I am thankful for all of the content that Funcom has added over the years; it has brought me hours and hours of entertainment. But now I have become a gerbil running on a wheel. The only thing left to do now is to farm RF; which after I get all of my shards to fill my rings, will lose it’s purpose. This leads me to my next point/question/ whathaveyou: I have been lucky enough to have been able to gear out multiple T5/T6 toons. But now I look at them on the character screen and say? What has all of this farming been for? What can I do with these characters? I already know the answer is---- nothing. But this seems such a shame Funcom… there are many of us who crave new content… new challenges, challenges that can only be met with top tier characters.

We, vet players have invested time and money into you product only to hit a wall, a dead end. We have brand new cars that sit in our garages because of the unpaved roads (ok, that might not have made sense but you know what I mean).

More Saga servers? for what? vanity cloaks? Is this the state of Age of Conan now?


This is the situation since 2016, two years, so yeah… you are stuck in it for (probably) ever.

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PvP content is suppose to be the answer. If done well it can give this game a lot of longevity. PvP content drives itself with player driven content. It can be nigh endless. With PVE content you have to constantly introduce new things to the games.

I won’t go into too much detail out of sloth, but it is a viable way of looking at this game in the endgame. If only the devs supported it more…

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Well, I stopped progress grind to do some cosmetics hunting. And to be fair, it is such a time consuming job, you lose yourself in the game and can easily spend few months just doing that. Not sure if you were online within the last 3 months, but I was running Pillars of Heaven several times a day just to get a blue Wolf Helmet. 3 months of grind and 2 weeks ago I finally got the helm. Not only that, I have been able to hunt down other pieces as well, garnering myself a full Raider set, half of epic, and pieces of Brigand and Bandit. When I get the pieces/Sets I want, I am swapping for Hyrkanians, just to get that medium Honored set (which…like wtf, it’s a heavy looking medium set lol. Still looks great tho!)
However, I do understand that people don’t like cosmetics hunting, nor do they care how their characters look like, so the problem with actual lack of content becomes apparent. However, I won’t judge Funcom for putting AoC on hold, they had millions in debt, and they finally saved themselves thanks to CE, which honestly makes me happy. Saga was a good start to bring content back to the game, and I wonder if not perhaps Funcom is actually working on something secretly, since now they have been resuscitated to life. It would be pretty normal as well, to keep details secret. They might want to avoid hype because the hype might end up bigger than what actually comes. I won’t say however that they actually are working anything, because I have no idea, but damn, I hope they are.
As for what I personally would like to see in this amazing game, so that it can be brought back fully to life, are the following things:

  1. Remove race limitations to classes. We are PC, we don’t have to follow the lore strictly. We could be one of a kind beings, not following the principles of our origins (as well as the fact that many if not most ppl, want this BS removed)
  2. Cosmetics window to have the armor limitations removed. It’s stupid, and illogical. Hell, no cosmetics being allowed in pvp is stupid as well. No one gives a damn about what gear you wear. It’s all about pvp. That thing with satisfying carebears annoys the hell out of me.
  3. Bring back veteran tokens, it was a nice reward for subbers and a very good incentive to sub extra more even after you cap sub rewards.
  4. Move kick window to pop up somewhere not in the middle of the screen.
  5. Fix pvp. Vote to kick to be implemented, balance pvp. In this case I would recommend all characters in each class to have same stats so that it’s about skill and not stats only. Ofc in mini games.
  6. I personally would love a SWTOR take on the story telling. Choices, decisions, personal story, romance…take your pick. Ofc this one is a suggestion. Tbh, I am guessing most people would hate the damn out of this.
  7. Maybe more classes? Who knows…
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Well stated and thank you for reply. You know… you brought up a fabulous point. Without having to create any new content at all… introducing a couple of new classes would inject oxygen into this game immediately.

Playing a new class would give you that “new-car” feeling. I’m sure everyone can remember how they felt when they brought a new, unfamiliar class into a raid for the first time. New classes would be excellent! It wouldn’t even have to be that many; 2? maybe 3 new classes? Maybe a true hand-to-hand monk-like class? that doesnt use weapons? Maybe a beastmaster type class that summons animals as pets to fight for it similar to a necro? Hmmmmmm…


You brought up some interesting class ideas for sure, considering your ideas, I even made up a classification:
Soldier - Swordsman - 1HE, 2HE, Dual Wield, Main Dual Wield Swords - Plate Armor, main armor is Heavy.
Beastmaster - Rogue - 1HE, Daggers, Dual Wield, main either DW daggers or 1HE varying by build - Up to medium, varying by build, either light or medium main.
Cannibal (Yog Mage) - Mage - 1HE, 2HE, Dual Wield, Main Dual Wield Axes - Cloth only
Monk - Melee Healer - Daggers, 1HE, (new weapons with dual wield) claws, DW claws main - Cloth only.

I feel you, conan is a collection-game for us vets and have been for a while, i see my characters as some collectionfigures in my cabinet that I wanna gear up just for the sake of it. But now im getting to a point where I think, why :stuck_out_tongue:

There is mastertimer achievments, and there is the thread for greatest timers leaderboard, but thats about it for me.

The game is in maintanance mode, usually meaning that they can only make due with what they already have in the company (as we’ve seen with the saga initiatives). I dont think you realize how much time and money it requires to make a new class, or change the story system. SWTOR is one of the most expensive games developed cos of their story system. And all animations are motioncaptured in conan, so they would have to remake lots and lots of animatioins to make a new class.

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Well, they are debt free now, so they can put in effort now

that cloud of dreams must be very comfy, got a spot over? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Obviously they won’t, but they sure can put more effort in. Never said they will.

New content would be awesome, New classes wonderful. There are many great ideas floating around. But it is up to us, the players to be creative and there have been some that have taken charge with Friday nite PvP Pug premades. There has been some RP events scheduled. While we wait for Funcom, let us paint the canvas ourselves. Cheers!

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I know this is a radical idea, but since the Conan community has such awesome ideas it would only seem natural to allow for user created mods and dungeons? What would be the downside? Hacking? Im sure there could be some safeguard put in place to thwart hacking.

User created loot; stats included, would need to be approved by someone at Funcom before being able to include it in any new user-created content. Monetary loot would have the same caps as all of the dungeons in game. User created Raids? OMG this is too extreme. I’m sure there’s some balance that could be offered and I am sure there are players out there who could create a dungeon pretty fast.

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