More Content please!


I really love the game, I enjoy it a lot. But being done with the content in less then 2 weeks? Not a good sign!

Yes, I know i can get named Thralls for every Bench, I can expand my Base etc, etc…But for what? I dont even need Obsidian Weapons, the best weapon is from the Black Keep since it is repairable, not like Legendarys.

Yes I can remove my Bracelet (btw i have that item now for 3 days) and can start over, but why would I do that?

I really hope more content is coming quick, and it’s a hard one. This content is such an easy adventure, even as 2man tribe.

Please Funcom, add more and harder content for your awesome game.


Its a Survival Game like ARK, there is no more content right now, because this game need to be fixed first, there are so many bugs and non working things. And at all, there was never a PvE focus for it (not working purge and other stuff, sandbox games dont have really a story with “endgame”, endgame is what u do at the endgame and not finish the lore)


It’s better then ARK, but what ARK does better is you have to grind for content. Conan Exiles is way easier because you literally get everything as soon as you hit 60 with minimal effort. I wont quit the game, since I really enjoy playing on my server, we have such a great comm.

I am not the PvP type of guy, and what i read with silent legion armor/vaults it’s equally boring :wink:

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Sure, but the Main focus is Everthing and not only pve, that u can easly rush and archive the full pve stuff in no time, is no wonder with the journy system, that allows you to reach lvl 55 in about a day. Dont get me wrong, the PvE stuff is not bad at all, but right now, u are able to beat the simple lore stuff easy. I mean, its nice to get exp for free with travel, but its kind like “rush to lvl 55-60 and done”, just by running trough the map.

This game isn’t centered around Pve, it’s kind of your fault for rushing through everything. Funcom has said in the past that “endgame” isn’t the focus of Conan Exiles, that clan based PvP was.

Then they shouldnt have released PvE if that is the case. If they release PvE they should prepare more content or atleast harder content. I was not expected to see the whole content with such no effort. Ark is also pvp focused, but has a pve endgame that requires farming or atleast trading - 2 things this game is missing.

First let them fix all the major bugs (and minor too please), then more content is acceptable.

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I think the first pve-related thing was the dregs. Before that I think there wasnt anything big to work towards to.
I guess it completely was about pvp. (And I think that is the reason why some people say its a pvp game.)
PvE in this game was building and such stuff.
I still would love to be forced to prepare some private rooms for each and every of our thralls. Or at least a bed and some food. (Like in Ark with those food-stations which would cover a certain distance.)
Then dregs, emotions and all the other stuff made it into the game.
Compared to the first 3 months of this game it now contains a huge ton of pve stuff to do.
But yes, I would appreciate more stuff as well, once its ready.

Though I really prefer bugfixes first…

And then, maybe in the next months and years, new stuff might come. There is a huge ton of what could be added. For farming ostrichs, goats, wolves and some new plants. (Maybe growing black lotus for an aoe-field as well…) For building a northern t1 (maybe lots of wood and twine?) and a complete set of buildings for swungle. “Magic”. City life. Mounts, if still needed. (Just create a network of maprooms and one is fine. #1043 is trying to do so.) A long, more difficult dungeon actually requiring a bigger party to finish it. Or simply having even more armor, covering each stat/temperature/armorclass combo.

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I might give it a go, thanks for the suggestion!

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More content can be good, but I wouldn’t see a nice survival game become a quest crawler.
This type of games has their mechanics that are focused on surviving and battle among clans and raiding.
The game is not focused on PVE aspects. They are collateral, even if i think the game is already rich.
For what i understood it seems that the op is not interested in many things of the game.
This is a sandbox game. More hard content can be created on a private server (or SP), rising the difficulty and maki mods that can fit every play-style. I understand that is a hard job, but it’s a good way to go.

who fix bugs (coding) are not the same who make content, usually :slight_smile:

As i know, they can do both thing in the same time.

I think the same, the game is too short.

This game is now 2 Weeks old, ask for new content is kind unrealistic, i can just say, stop playing with rates above 1x because this is the reason ppl are get bored, even with 1x you are able just to lvl up with the journy to 60, they should change this and the game would be much longer at all.

And as already said, its a Sandbox game, u set the Endgame for yourself, if clearing the ingame content in no time is your endgame, well then you need to wait some month for new content.


i’m lvl 57 in official server and most of mine tribe memebers are 60lvl. We have 3 base, 3 maps, 2 gods ready, 200+ bombs and a legion of slaves lvl 4.
We raided and fight 4 clans and almost near to the endgame.
This game must be similar to ark where i have 2000k hours, yes something need to remap and something else need to be add. I belive that will happen :smiley: i trust in funcom, this company works well, as i know they can read this post too to understand the community feelings.

I hate to say it but I agree, weirdly starting to feel like I’ve hit the “end” of the game and it feels way too soon. I played Ark for months (1k+ hrs) PVE quite cheerfully, there was always something to do, to work on, to tame or breed or farm for or build so it isn’t the sandbox aspect that is eluding me. I think part of it is that generally you aren’t required to work too hard for much in the game; and also, that they’ve set enough goals (journeys and steam achievements) that you focus more on that than on the making your own fun part. And the things that you would make your own fun with, usually, like the collector aspects (thralls, types of gear, gods etc) or grinding aspects aren’t that hard to achieve either.

I only play on official, just because it is a sandbox game doesnt mean it has to be that short or easy. For a survival game it is too easy. You have to admit that.

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Playing on an official server you are limited to the “vanilla” version of the game.
And is not set in stone that a vanilla version of a sandbox game shoud be absolutely extended.
Furthermore, playing PVE, you won’t live many aspects on which the game focuses.
Vanilla pve, in my opinion, should be suitable for all types of players that should have a total experience of the game. Elitists and powergamers should find another way to have the maximum challenge they seek.

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well if you can still expand your base trust me you aren’t done all the story content.

Have you finished all the dungeons? And done the bracelet story?


More content? First make PS4 version playable… Then you can think about content… I cant Join in servers from my área, and is lagged as hell for PS4 in others regions