Thoughts that Funcom maybe need to take actions on (long post)

I play at Official PVE-3034 and i must first of all say, This is a fantastic game!
Iam not a hardcore gamer and i dont play all that much, However this game gets you hooked in an instant pushing on to learn and getting more and more.

Even if you die and lose your stuff several times at the start (as a new player to Conan) and i gave up 2 times and uninstalled the game, But came back to another try :slight_smile:

Iam now at lvl 60 and i feel now that the more “fun” part of the game is starting, Killing stuff in Unamed City and collecting gear and just refine stuff, and to be honest it has been a hell of a ride to this point with lost thralls,gear and continues grinding to get stuff that was lost back.

Now for my actuall thoughts, It dosent seems fair due to a on occasion laggy and buggy enviroment that a player can lose basicly everything that he/she has worked hard for and put many hours farming and crafting in an instant and for no specific reason other than a servercrash or a bug. Then get the statement from Funcom “We are sorry, Nothing we can do”

That is a kick in the groin to the playerbase that pays for this game and DLC content and so on, so in a way iam amazed that Funcom can retain the playerbase, but i understand the “quest for more” as i have removed and come back to game aswell. But all in all its not good to just tell a paying player to “suck it up, and do it again” it dosent feel like a good way to handle things.

The whole experience becomes a bit “Reserved” as you dont really dare to use specific thralls to do stuff just in plain fear that you will lose them in a strange way, You dont really dare to play the game “Full out” as just a simple thing as an perfected armor for example takes both time and good effort to craft in order to collect stuff and so on, and that armor that you worked hard to craft can just vanish in a split second for no reason, and you have to start all over again.

Sorry for a very long post, But i hope that Funcom can get some feedback on this in regards to restoring items and so on, In a way that should not be that difficult to do (from what i understand, change the loadfile for the specific profile on the specific server) This must be something that Funcom can modify (in case of lost gear and thralls)

Once again, Thanks for a fantastic game, but there are room for improvements and general game experience.

Best regards

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I learned this the hard way as well.

Just stock up on back up weapons and armor before you head out somewhere dangerous. When you still have your best gear, it is easier to stock up. As for thralls, I just stick to use T3s for now. T3s are pretty generic and can be replace fairly easily.

Yeah, Thats just the point. “Stock up on backup weapons” there are 3 issues with that sentence.

  1. Sure, But it will take a lot of extra time and effort just to stock up on something that you already have

  2. Rare drops, If you for example have 2 thralls with Sword of Crom its pretty hard to get that drop 4 times especially when you farm Unamed City alone without help of thralls (if you lose a thrall and are unable to get his gear) and lose the thrall by some glitchy sketchy way is pretty hard and time consuming.

  3. Regarding the thralls you are more than correct, You can stick with T3 thralls which are easy to get and easy to replace.

However that interfers with the main goal, If i catch a Bandit Leader and equipe him with a Sword of Crom and a good armor you can take Silent Legion for example to make it extra special and hard to craft :slight_smile:

Losing all this due to glitchy gameplay is not fair, and its not fair to ask the playerbase to “Stock up, as our servers may screw your game up”

The point is, If you grind to make 1 good set of armor and 1 good follower and 1 good weapon that should be all that you need to do for that follower, And if you lose the follower by being stupid and try to high jump over lava well then its fair to say “Sorry for your loss, Make the gear again”

BUT thats not fair in any way when its not the players fault that the thrall dies/glitches away or gear dissapers or what ever it might be.

So, to sum up - If you are stupid and do risky stupid things and lose gear = Suit yourself, make new gear

If thing happens beyond the players control, Funcom should replace the items for you, As i stated in my post, You cant enjoy the game to the fullest when you need to reserve yourself in fear of losing things due to glitchy servers.

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Replacing individual items or thralls for players would be an enormous amount of work; they’d need to first figure out what needs to be replaced. (Can’t really trust the players to tell the truth, or we’d see a sudden epidemic of T4 bearer thralls with inventories full of Swords of Crom who have mysteriously vanished into thin air with no clue in the event log.)

In case of a server crash, rolling back the whole server into the state where it was within a reasonable margin of error before the crash would make sense. Of course, this would upset people who had just got a Sword of Crom before the crash and who wouldn’t have lost it if they hadn’t been rolled back. As long as server crashes happen (and those are quite impossible to eliminate completely), someone’s going to suffer.

A server rollback would require the database to be backed up constantly, so as to keep the restore points fresh. Considering the number of official servers, that’d be an enormous amount of data being copied all the time. Now I’m no expert on the subject, but depending on how the server network is built, this could cause even more lag if the bottlenecks for data flow are in the wrong places.

I’d happily pay more for a more robust game system - but how much more is another matter. And how many people would be similarly willing is yet another question.

You have valid points regarding the rollback of server states and so on, I get that aswell and thats not the way to go, Other player should not risk losing something just because another player lost something due to a server issue.

And there should be an obtainble file or log where you can see what the user/player has so people just cant state “i had 100 Sword of croms, give them back!”

From my understanding of servers the server should fetch your savefile when you login, These savefiles should be saved locally on the specific server, nothing else would make sense otherwise the system would need to scan ALL the servers for the correct savefile and then send it to the specific server, and that sounds stupid in this case as they have so many servers :slight_smile:

These savefiles must be obtainble and must be able modify in some way, And the information in this savefile should/must include various information on specific items and so on that the player have, Otherwise how would the server know what to load for the player right?

I would hope that the database is backed up constantly even if they have a huge amount of official servers they still need to make sure to keep things up to date and backed up, If they dont want to keep up that work then they should decide to have a smaller amount of servers that they can manage (in my opinion)

Its like advertising that “We have the largest serverpark in the world, But we only run backup on 1/4 of them because we cant deal with all the work of backing up all the servers” that would not be a smart move for buisness :slight_smile:

But as you say, it could cause more lag and so on when the server are constantly working on serveral thing, But i think that if you want to provide this huge amount of servers, you should have all the other pieces in place so you actually can provide this without any bigger issues

First off, it’s weird it seems to happen a lot to some people, because it never happened to me or anyone I play with.

And Sword of Crom would suck to loose (I’ve been kinda lucky, but I know some people who farmed for ages without getting one), but anything you can craft is not really hard work. Silent Legion takes one Star-Metal meteorite (just requires a little luck), one or two unnamed city chest runs for gold/silver (depending on how many chests you grab) and some easy to get stuff. you could probably have mats for two in an hour.

Of course it still matters that people loose their stuff randomly and it should be fixed. But having backup mats for new stuff is always a good idea and not hard to get :slight_smile:

It has happend to me twice, i lost 2 bandit leaders not with Sword of Croms on any of them but you get the point its an annoying issue :slight_smile:

No arguments with you that its good to have backup mats for new stuff, There is nothing negative about that, But the main reason that you need to have backup, its not a valid reason in my opinion.

The reason you SHOULD need a backup, is if you die or uses your thrall and he/she dies, Thats fair game

Now you need to back up on stuff just in case something happens that you cant control in any possible way and you lose stuff.

That is mainly the button i try to press here, you should not need to back stuff up because stuff just randomly dissapear.

You should back stuff up in case you die :slight_smile:

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This has always been my huge frustration with this game. Losing items that you spend hours and hours and sometimes days to obtain due to server crashes and glitches is maddening. I finally obtained the Red Mother Bow and after logging out and logging in the next day, I had died inside my base and all of my items were gone. No logs on how I died. I am now pro-active and before I log everything goes in a cabinet, but I must have killed that red dragon 50 times to get that bow and I wanted to cry.

I feel pretty lucky. Apart from the two times I died from falling because of lag (and I got my gear back both times), all the gitchy stuff that has happened to me has been good stuff lol

Yeah, i hang my “special gear” on weaponracks everytime i log out, and grab them when i go out exploring, But it feels so unneccsary to HAVE to do this, just to be “safe”

Public service announcement: Never go to sleep with a loaded bow in your pocket. Accidental discharge may be lethal. Always make sure that your bow is unloaded and stored in a locked cabinet.


Maybe that was it, I had it loaded with poison arrows, one might have accidently went off. :stuck_out_tongue:

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