Pve world is too easy

Sorry if you guys discussed this already, but is it me or the world in Conan Exiles became very boring? There is no danger running around except gravity. World bosses are a joke. It takes less than a minute to kill most of them. The tree and rock bosses are anoying because they keep spamming the same attack with aoe covering half of exile lands, but even they drop dead pretty quick (if you are able to see them).
Might be just me, but I miss the days when you had to prepare for a boss fight?


You are aware, are you not, that there are other ‘versions’ of Conan Exiles…? If you want something less ‘boring’, why not try PvE (C) and gear up against other players? Or, if you’re feeling up for the challange, why not try PvP? Not only do you have to gear up against other players, you also have to design, build and defend your base (assuming you want to do so that is).

Then, after those options, you then have 1000’s of different private servers, all with slight differences from one another. Try them and find one that suits your needs.


I’ve been preparing for a boss fight for about a week making sure I’m well equipped before i go, i nearly killed that Dragon Boss in the Unamed City Area and my Greater Hyena wasnt attaking it, it was down to a little bit of health and it killed me, then my game messed up and i lost all my best gear and weapons and attribute points :sob:


I am on pvec official. I get the pvp side of the game. I was talking about the world itself.

The FunCom gods did not favoured you that day, my friend :joy:

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Not funny man, now I’m stuck with a grey haired guy who i can’t change, i look like I’ve aged about 50yrs with how white my characters hair is, i think Imy hair will be turning white soon because of this game with the stress :smile:

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Yeh, I have been there. My female character turned to that creature as well. Talk about being progressive.

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I hate this game

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Love, hate…there is a very thin line in between :laughing:

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Yeah, about this thin |_|

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I totally agree. PvE content is ridiculously easy now. It has become like WOW or ESO or any other fantasy MMORPG, even kids can play now. Most of the Italian community agrees with this, and there is growing discontent with the new mechanics.
P.S. Having a real life, I don’t have the time nor the will to guard bases every day from 6 to 11 PM, it’s like work or military service. And I am not interested in modding the game or buying a server so that I can play the game I used to know.


It’s because of your experience and knowledge in this game my friend, not because of the update. World bosses were easy almost always no matter the hp.
You just had longer fights that’s all.
For a player that loves pve and want to make it challenging no matter what, ways exist, you just need to invent them or ask the members of this forum to help, at least that’s what i do :man_shrugging:. End game lvls and gear exist to make it easier, so if you know all the weaknesses, all the blind spots and all the moveset of each boss, of course it’s easy.
Playing online, especially in a server like yours :rofl:, can make it a bit challenging, but again because of your experience this stops being challenge. It transforms more to frustration than fun.
If you wish to play the game more challenging let me know, i’ll be happy to give you a list of challenges :wink:.

My fellow exile a great no here.
Pets are your worst choice to take with you even for a challenger in this game. @SpherisCore made a video with a sabertooth on wine cellar and he made it look like a walk in the park. But he knows every single spawn in this game, every single moveset of each mob and above all in an environment that everything runs as it should be. In an official server, especially like the one Egis511 plays and PlayStation this fight would be a nightmare!
So here’s my suggestion!
Go single player, force your lvl 60 from admin panel, fix an epic light armor, build warrior or assassin and go to red Mother alone.
1st. Charge your first attack to her , run to the right front foot and complete a combo, she will do the fire animation. Then start moving clockwise, she will start stopming, on each stomp she makes you attack max twice on her back right foot. This will continue for some attacks and eventually she will start moving back, that means that she will spin, retreat, take safe distance and wait for her to finish the 3 spin moves. Keep this distance until she sees you and lean for a fire breath. When you see this you run straight forward to her right front foot to complete a full combo again. Sometimes you gain a boon because she makes her roar and you have a window for another full combo.
Whenever she hits you don’t get panicked, dodge a bit but always in a way that you see the beast. Don’t let her corner you, lead always the fight in the center of the area, you need to be able to take distance from all the directions.
Dance with her and she will be yours :wink:.
For the beginning do a couple fights in God mode and then start the dance, it helps to understand her.
Have fun my friend :metal:


I’ve been watching the movements of how bosses attack so i know when to dodge/roll do combos on them with hard strikes expecially if i have a shield equipped with a Short Steel/Iron Sword, i was really enjoying using that Perfected Steel Battleaxe and then my game bugged out while i was trying to defeat the Boss Dragon and i ended up dying, my horse was getting in the way and my Hyena, when i take fighter/archer thralls with me they just end up getting killed all the time, i prefer to fight alone as i do a better job tbh but thought my pet would be alright, i knew it was a bad idea having my Hyena with me :smile:

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Exactly. Too often, and not just for Conan Exiles, people seem to confuse “time-consuming” with “challenging”. I’ve seen claims such as “building is easy with 4x multiplier”, where in fact the building is exactly as difficult as it is with 1x settings, and it’s just the time spent harvesting materials that varies.

Same with world bosses. Whether it’s a giant spider or the Red Mama, the only challenge before the update was “can I finish this before it gets dark?”

The thing is, the game’s PvE skill cap is not very high. Once you figure out how things work, you can beat them every time. The only variable is the time it takes, and personally, I prefer finishing my fights before I get bored.

Would I prefer some more challenge? I surprise even myself by saying that yes, I actually would. But just increasing the NPCs’ hitpoint slider won’t do that.


Xevyr clear up the fact that the Greater Sabretooth uses the wild-animal attack instead of the intended pet attack, which makes it not-so-trash, unlike most other pets :+1:

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Stelagel, as I said in previous comments most of my over 2.8k hours were in single player on hardest difficulty with additional handicaps. The fighting, weapons evolved so much compare to npc ai. Just increasing boss damage or reducing yours does not make harder. You can push it till it becomes unfair, but not harder.

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Rotbranch does tend to just spam that rotation attack sometimes. It can be incredibly annoying as thralls just can’t handle it, unless they are archers of course! I’ve been finding that my thralls are losing 1k - 2k HP during that fight. That’s with me doing damage as much of the time I can and with them being decked out in end game gear and level 20. Even Red Mother can do an ok amount of damage if you get hit two or three times in a row. But for the most part damage from animals has been nerfed too much! Especially the Corrupted Wolf, that thing used to be scary, now you can sprint at it and kill it before it even gets up!


Start over.
Have you done Kuraks dungeon?

Just solo the boss without a thrall, that’s when you can claim “PvE is too easy”, and don’t worry soloing Rotbranch or Rockslide is easier than it ever was with stamina regen :+1:

And here lies the issue. You should never get hit this much. The only reason this would actually occur is server lag.

It can happen to mess up and get hit once, worst case scenario you get hit twice by a multi-hit knockdown (here, Red Mother triple tail swipe) if you wanted to dodge through it instead of running out of range, and you somehow missed the dodge timing.

If you have any gaming capabilities with decent awareness and reaction time, the PvE content is very easy, regardless of how much damage NPC attacks inflict, because you can dodge everything with ease.

Yes, but also no:
→ Yes, World Bosses were always easy, as long as you know the super simplistic patterns.
→ No, the update has actually changed things and made them easier.

More specifically, there were different tactics available to solo bosses:

Circling Around to avoid damage while sneaking in attacks when possible
↳ This method works really well for enemies with a bad moveset, or that don’t have an unfair mechanic to invalidate it. For instance, it works perfectly against Spider and Sand Reaper bosses, but Crocodile and Rhino can rotate and trap you in their heads making it riskier (which is just bad design from Funcom); on the other hand, some other bosses like Snake cannot be circled around to avoid damage.

Shield Stamina Management which involves blocking attacks before sneaking in your own ones.
↳ This was required for some bosses like the Giant Snakes, and it was also more reliable than circling for many bosses like the Red Mother for instance. However, you had to identify attack patterns, know which attacks to block, which ones were unblockable, when you could attack, and you had to watch your stamina to decide whether you should attack or simply let your stamina regen.

Dodge Stamina Management which involves dodging attacks before sneaking in your own ones.
↳ This was only possible for some bosses, because dodging used to cost a lot of stamina that took a lot of time to recover. Overall, this wasn’t the go-to option, and you preferred using another method and only dodging specific attacks (unblockable ones with a shield for instance)

Sprint Stamina Management which is somewhat similar to the circling method, except you sprint and run circles to avoid attacks which you wouldn’t be able to by simply walking to the side.
↳ This was never required, it was basically an alternative to shield for some bosses, like the Children of Jhil for instance. It required knowing attack patterns and attack ranges even more than other methods overall.

Now, what has changed with the Age of War update?
Circling Around has not changed, if the boss has a trash moveset it will never hit you.
Shielding has changed, the stamina management is almost non-existent, beyond easy.
Dodging has changed, the stamina regen makes it the method to solo every single boss.
Sprinting has changed, not in itself, but due to the stamina regen again.
↳ In conclusion, for the bosses that weren’t just free circling around, all the other available methods are now much easier to execute and manage while they’re also available for basically every boss.

For instance, pre-update, I would never have fought Rockslide without a shield. Now in AoW, I solo it with a spear, by simply dodging and strafing a bit…
I would also need a shield against the Giant Snake’s attack, but now I dodge instead before stamina is free… Still, you have to get the timing right, so a shield is much easier, especially since you don’t have to watch your stamina much anymore :joy:

Congratulations m8 :metal:. Bravo!
I really like people who intentionally make it difficult!
Well done, that’s the spirit, keep it going, sorry i misunderstood.
Just try to avoid dodging! Stamina will not remain as it is, it will change again. I see too many new players spamming dodge, this is a bad way to “learn” the game. Try to gain the control in each fight alone. You will witness that the fight is easier, trust me. But learn all these in single player, without lags and crashing. Years ago when i learned to use the admin panel i was spawning one by one all the bosses to learn how to deal with them. I fixed a huge arena for this reason. You don’t need skills in this game just knowledge of your opponent and patience. Dodge must and have to be used only when it’s absolutely necessary. Try not to use shield, the protection of it is fake, soon it will betray you and above all it consumes the best hit one handed weapons have, the fourth one. Especially the momentum 4rth is an Arena champion hit, the most powerful hit in game. Play with all the weapons (but war axe is the best :rofl:) you will enjoy it.

My worst part was fighting without gear in unnamed city and while fighting the sky goes red and sandstorm comes. I had nothing to heal but rough bandages while fighting the boss :rofl:, if you see the bright side of it, it was making the fight even more challenging. But on @Talyna challenge i was fighting the dragon only with katana day and night. Eventually you learn how to fight this beast even in nights. If you fight her alone it’s way easier, she does standard moves.