Is it just me or has the game gotten super easy

I feel like the game’s PvE side has gotten far too easy this is my first time back to the game since before age of sorcery and so far the only thing that can kill me is other players not even the bosses are killing me what used to one shot back in day leaves me with enough health to take another two hits or more I don’t know it’s strange because one of my favorite things about this game when I first played so many years ago was the Pve and pvp both felt like a challenge I would struggle in the early game which was how I felt like it should be


Well, having an abundance of certain items did make it easy. The caravans are gone, and that was the source of the items that made it easier. Now players have to actually grind for them, again.

It’s not just you. The Age of War totally trivialized the PVE combat by buffing the legendary items, nerfing the bosses, making stamina recovery insanely fast, reducing the aggro range, and shortening the leash.

Along with making the combat less fun, they decided to make the rest of the game even grindier than before by making legendary items unrepairable and making the repair kits reduce the maximum durability of the items they’re applied to.

But hey, we get a nifty treasure room! It’s purely decorative for the moment, but that’s okay, it’ll have some functional use in the next chapter.

And we also got clan emblems! Of course, most of them are locked behind a paywall, but that’s okay, that’s how we support the game.

These two new things totally make up for the changes to the combat and the grind. :roll_eyes:


I used to roll on the game.
Now I do it 20 times faster, without having to be very careful like before.

It is definitely much much easier :rat:

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Originally these settings were discussed for PVP purposes, but I’ve tested these in PVE as well and on the surface they seem to work well with the intended vision of what the changes are supposed to achieve:


These are changed in the Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor folder.

If you are playing on singleplayer or running a server (and your community is open to it, or whatever its your server :smile: ), try giving this a shot. What happens is the first value adjusts (in seconds) the time between using Stamina and it starting its regeneration. The second value adjusts (in seconds) the time it takes for stamina to regenerate if you go below 0 into exhaustion.

Both values are at 0.1 by default.

If you wish to change the rate of regeneration, you can use PlayerStaminaRegenSpeedScale=1.000000. But I haven’t tried adjusting this one personally. I’m just adding it here for people to play around with if they wish.

I’m interested to know what other peoples’ experiences with these settings are. While I did come up with them for PVP like I said before, I think they could work to add a bit more challenge to PVE combat as well.

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I’ll check this out because me and my buddy were thinking about hosting a pvp server because a good chunk of the community server just have far too many rules


Also the armor thats advertised for this new age and in every battlepass image not actually being in the battlepass😂 personally i dont find the stamina changes that bad generally it just speeds up the flow off the game , has its positives and negatives .

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Also now that bloodcrystal is in the game , they should just make the tools craftable.


Eh, maybe, but I think the Well of Skelos is the hardest it’s ever been since launch

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Good morning qlVegetalpWelcome to Conan Exiles server.
Indeed the game has become too easy.
Before the Maje Age de la war, the verterase players had to be prudent during the meeting of Boss or to the aproche of certain Village of PNJ; at the rique of being identified by several hostile NPCs and therefore die in combat.
Now this birth unfortunately more the case, Funcom has not only reduced the points of life of these NPCs but in addition we shorten the zonne of action and perception of these. See an enemy combatant return without fighting towards his area or a combatant to let you kill a combination without reacting strongly to the immersion.
Las or formerly I trembled in front of certain bosses or fighting specialis today I no longer feel threat and the games and has become total trouble.

Welcome to the community!
Mark my words…
It’s a trap!!!
Now we live the golden years, everything is easy to get, people will create humongous treasure chambers, purges the way they are are easy anyway, nothing to fear, drinking wine and decorate yards.
It’s a trap!
The third chapter of this age will strike like an avatar and maybe with an avatar and all this glamor will be ashes and rumble!
So don’t bite! Prepare, the war is coming!


Still waiting for the “War” in Age of War… Didn’t expect the “Age of Interior Decorating” (i.e. treasure room)

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Hot take: I like the change

PvE has always been easy, just slap some heavy str armor on a Snowhunter/Zerk/Teimos/RHTS and afk on a ledge while they play the game for you. Most bosses were giant health sponges where it’s just tedious to whittle them down by yourself, so the thrall crutch became the meta.

Age of Sorcery tried to cut down on thrall crutch by tying their effectiveness to Authority, but a full auth build with follower damage%+ buffs was just as viable, if not more than before.

Age of War has done well to provide players with enough power and accessibility to not have to rely on the crutch anymore. Reduced boss hp makes health sponging happen less, and an increase in damage given and taken makes fights more fast paced.

I don’t see farming legendaries as a grind any more than I’d expect gathering wood or stone, legendary weapons are another resource to obtain. Lack of repairability makes them a powerful consumable, rather than a one and done superweapon.

It also invites versatility - if you have a cache of weapons lying around that don’t fit your typical style of play, you have two options; adapt or grind. Shift down to an ol’ reliable crafted weapon and continue the search for your preferred Thungus’ Blungerizer, or take down the Blungus’ Thungerizer you’ve had on a weapon rack in your closet for the last two years. At this point, most weapons are viable, and I’ve found myself using new weapon types I never did before.

In my opinion people don’t like this update because it’s change, and it’s threatening their longstanding crutches. If you’re receptive to change, you’ll enjoy things more.


As someone who stopped using thalls/pets and just soloed everything way before the update, PvE was easy… But with a few notable challenges where you had to be careful even when you were experienced, especially due to stamina management.
Right now, there are no challenges anymore, you do not have to care about stamina management with the new regen and no delay on it, as long as you know which attacks to dodge, you just win because you always have stamina.

Now I understand that you may like short fights, I personally also like things being faster paced… But currently the fights are too short, and yes I’m talking about World Bosses!
Slap a Master Weapon Fitting on a Musashi’s Black Blade and kill the Sand Reaper Hive Queen, Giant Spider, Giant Crocodile, in 2 to 3 combos… You do not have time to be challenged :snake:

The biggest exception is the True Champion of the Warmaker who has massive HP, but he hits like a wet noodle. Still, as someone who tries to avoid damage altogether, I think this fight is currently the most challenging by design (unless the boss forgets that he has different moves and keeps doing the same easy pattern over and over, or even better, he can just crack his neck without attacking four of five times in a row…)
Another exception is Thag, who on top of having a lot of HP, has this very cool attack with patterns on the ground, and the real challenge comes from him summoning a horde of skeletons :skull:

Now for these two bosses, despite having their flaws and bugs at times, they are probably the best designed bosses in the game due to having:
• Variety in their movesets, with slow telegraphed wide attacks that you have to avoid, but also faster ones to throw you off to some extent.
• Different phases (kinda goes back to variety)
• Enough HP for the two previous points to be relevant!

→ The problem with bosses was not that they were damage sponges, but that they were only damage sponges. Give them a more interesting moveset (which would also rekt your thralls because they don’t have a brain and thus cannot avoid damage) and suddenly you have to engage them as a player, and it’s going to be an interesting challenge (rather than an artificial challenge with the “more damage more danger” mentality)

The current version of bosses is the exact same as before, you can circle around most of them with stone daggers until they bleed out, because they have a very uninteresting and unchallenging moveset. Now take a real weapon instead, and suddenly those bosses which were very uninteresting damage sponges, are now very uninteresting cardboards that die as fast as any other basic enemy…

All this to say that there is a difference between “fast paced by design” and “shorter but still boring”; and I would really like to see more of the former in the game. Currently, we have “shorter but still boring” for most of the wildlife, with only a few exceptions.

I started from scratch with the new age, new character, and I have only died twice:
• Doing Klael’s Stronghold with no armor or healing items at lvl 20… Might do it again to be honest :rofl:
• I fell from somewhere high, gravity is far stronger than world bosses :skull_and_crossbones:

Now, I do agree with you on adaptability and versatility, and I am very happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying different weapon types; I have to admit that before knowing all weapons back in the day, whenever I discovered a new weapon and tried it out, I found that almost all weapons were enjoyable (I just hate the Spear, it’s boring). I just think that the current state of the game forces changes is a very poor way, that’s all.


I know we’re discussing tastes and opinions now, and that I won’t change yours or you mine, but there are a few things you said that I feel the need to reply to anyway.

Which is why those of us who wanted a challenge left their followers at home. For a very long time now, I’ve only taken thralls with me when I’m in my farming spec, to carry my stuff and to give me some protection. Otherwise I went everywhere on my own. (My horse doesn’t count, since it doesn’t fight.)

Sure, PVE has always been easy to a degree, but there are shades of that. Or rather, there were.

Please don’t take this as a personal attack, but I really hope that Dennis doesn’t think this way.

Age of Sorcery gave people an interesting choice: do you want to be strong enough to fight your own battles, or would you rather lead your followers and have them fight for you? And the fact that the sorcerous powers were tied to the authority attribute was a genius idea, because it tied the lore and the gameplay into a nice package.

At least, that was the idea. How successful was the implementation? That’s a whole different discussion.

Thing is, players didn’t need the crutch. The problem with bosses wasn’t that the fights had to be easier or shorter. The problem was that the fights needed, in most cases, to be more challenging. When something is simple but long, that makes it boring. How do you fix that?

You can choose to make it shorter, but that won’t necessarily make it more fun. Trivial things aren’t fun or unfun, they’re just things you do. The correct answer would be to make the fights more interesting, more challenging, more complex.

And that’s just bosses we’re talking about. I wouldn’t mind bosses being nerfed into triviality. What made me sad was the effect on the groups of NPCs. There’s no danger anymore, just mass slaughter.

That’s probably my own idiosyncratic use of the word “grind”. I like to distinguish between “grinding” and “farming”. The latter maintains a relationship between effort and reward, the former relies on overuse of RNG.

Whatever the lingo you decide to use, your assertion that legendaries are “just another resource to obtain” like “gathering wood or stone” is false. There’s a fundamental difference and it affects the quality of gameplay.

I can’t speak for others, but I am receptive to change. The only aspect of the update on which I offered opinions until now was the RNG grind for the legendaries, because I know well what it’s like. But I didn’t talk about the rest because I hadn’t tried it.

I deliberately waited with my assessment of combat-related changes until I was (mostly) done with my building project and I went out in my combat spec to see what the game was like. The difference was downright astonishing and it wasn’t good. Being able to breeze through all the content like a hot knife through butter, without having to stop, without having to be careful? It sucked.


The thing I liked the most about this update and that should be replicated and scaled: early dificulty.

I’ll explain.
It’s not difficulty per se, but how stone weapons got very well calibrated to fight one faction, Exiles, but weak to fight what should be the next tier, Darfari Cannibals.

If you were curious to immerse yourself in the new age, you probably started a new character in another server or in single player.

You will notice that stone weapons are good enough for fighting Exiles, but if you go to Skulker’s End, you will sweat your ass to kill everyone in that camp.
It’s clearly made for better weapons and some armor. The Darfaris themselves are not much of a problem and the spawn leashes are COMPLETELY off. However, the sorcerers can make short work out of you if you are not carefull and don’t cheese them with a bow, climbing a tent, for instance. They have metal daggers. ThIs should give you a hint. Metal wins against stone. :wink: UPGRADING TIME.

Although you can kill the whole camp, there’s a clear LEAP in difficulty. You are wise to build a small shack in the noob river, build a few basic benches and upgrade your weapons for the next tier, iron. Suddenly, Skulker’s End becomes accessible.

I loved that. I believe this should be replicated to all factions and areas.

Dogs and Pirates would need steel. If you approached them with iron, you would feel the kind of difficulty you felt if you tried to defeat Skulker’s End (or even worse, the Summoning Place where the leashes are off again).

For Nordheimers and Lemurians, you would need hardened steel.

For Cimmerians, you would need star metal or Black Ice.

For the Volcano, you would need obsidian weapons and, finally, for the Well of Skelos you would need legendary weapons, a skill you could only unlock when you crafted your first obsidian weapon.

This would stop us from leaving the desert straight to the Black Galeon area and kill a world boss spider that is there completely alone (no it’s not the big black one, it’s the one near the executioner’s cave, a tarantula) with TWO PAIRS OF STONE DAGGERS. Because that’s what it takes to get your first legendary: two pairs of stone daggers. You can run there without fighting a single time and read the paper while killing that spider.
Boom, game over. No more difficulty. Any legendary is very powerful.

So, my suggestion is two-fold: tier difficulty linked to the research tree and lock the use of legendary weapons to a journey step like: crafting an obsidian weapon. You will need star metal to kill the party guarding the forge and it won’t be easy for many, but that’s the price you pay to be able to use legendaries. It implies unlocking all the research tree until that point. It implies defeating that group, which is a meritorious feat with any non legenday weapon before you can actually have their use unlocked.

This is a way to make sure a lot of content has worth again.

You can’t simply go to a wb and snatch a very powerful weapon at lvl 10. That makes no sense.

And then, after the journey that took you to being able to use legendaries, make them OP, extremely so. We sweated our butts already and now we deserve to relax by killing stuff in a spectacular way. Give finishers to legendary weapons. Make us feel compensated for all we went through to get them.

Any thoughrs? Am I missing something?


I agree with what you’ve said overall aside from this specific part.

For the Volcano you need Obsidian weapons? And how do you get them? From the Well of Skelos!
So you need to go to the next step and complete it before unlocking the first one… Doesn’t really work there :snake:


Most people would think that, but no, @SpherisCore .
You can craft composite without killing a single soul in the Volcano. You have to do some killing in the Well to use the forge, though.
You go into the Volcano through the Hidden way and farm obsidian. You’ll meet nobody.
Exit, descend the slope and go right, go back in through Dragonmouth. You have a path straight to the Well. Run and jump.
Voila. Now all you have to do is use the forge and kill the group guarding it , with star metal if by my suggestion. :wink:

But, maybe this is too much? Star metsl for the Volcano could do too.

Well, @SpherisCore if we think about it, the guys in the Volcano don’t use armor. They use robes. So we could approach that area differently. The leap would be their HP and dmg output. It would be very hard to kill them unless we had top tier weapons. Dragonbone, star metal, black ice and obsidian. All that raw ash was good for their health! :sweat_smile:How do you see it?

We should not look at it from the perspective of someone who already knows every nook and cranny of the game, but as someone who visits the volcano and the well for the first time.

You’re not going to go to Skelos as a new/ignorant player because you will encounter Volcano mobs that hit you super hard and who will make you run away at the first hit if you’re not already dead from it.
So you’re going to look to upgrade your weapons, but you don’t see anything better than Star Metal in your knowledges, unless we buff Acheronian and Telith weapons specifically for this purpose but you would have to use a specific weapon type as well then?

Regardless, you encounter mobs who have Obsidian weapons inside the Volcano, a few others have serpent-men weapons, but you have no idea where to get those for yourself! Serpent-Men are hidden on top of Skelos and you’re not venturing there with how dangerous things are. Obsidian weapons have two issues; first you cannot craft them at home, you need to go to the volcanic forge inside the well of skelos, but more importantly you also need to complete the well of skelos to acquire the knowledge.

Of course, you can always sneak around like a Zamorian thief, but the question is not whether it can be done, but whether the progression and accessibility are intuitive or not.

→ The Volcano and the Well of Skelos should be very difficult, but still doable with Star Metal Weapons, or alternatives such as Dragonbone, Black Ice, Telith, and maybe some unique weapon drops that also come from those areas.

Then the reward is Obsidian Weapons, with which you should be able to do the area itself with less difficulty, but it would still remain hard of course.

Now for Legendary Weapons, I really don’t know where to fit them and I’ll have to think more, but when it comes to reliable progression with craftable gear, this is what comes to mind and makes the most sense to me, an intuitive progression curve where you can manage with difficulty the next weapon tier, and manage with less difficulty on the same weapon tier.

→ To offset this, the early instance of Darfari Sorcerers does work and forces you to craft iron because it is a knowledge you can unlock from the tree, not something you learn as a reward for a dungeon like obsidian weapons!