Every designer should get into the server and play the game

Funcoms developer lack basic correlations. That is the problem.

A lot of their changes sound only good on paper. They have no knowlegde about what effects what in the game. Playing their own game once in a while doesn´t work.

Players with long term experience easily understand in which way changing subject a affects also subject b, c and d. They don´t. Players cope differently, play differently, have a higher acceptance of things. Make things work in order to play and have fun.

Too many combat changes have destroyed this game. The balance in the game is way off.The recent changes to stamina and thralls are the worst ever. They literally destroyed years of work they have done before just because they couldn´t handle their own game while playing it? Congratulations devs, what do they think we did all those years? We had no choice other then to adapt and overcome a lot of the nonsens they threw up on us.

I will stand ground, they need to turn the stamina back to what it was. Not make little changes here and there and hope it works out somehow for people. No, they need to take the latest change back. The stamina change has affected so much other things the forum is exploding right now with complaints and bug reports. And they are sitting in their office to stubborn to self reflect and admit they did a mistake.

What is sad is that one is not surprised. They have repeatedly removed mechanics from the game that have been there since launch. Either they have called it a bug, or they have called it something else. The thing is though, most of the mechanics in the game have been there for a reason. And when they remove it, the point of using other things in the game disappears. Check wraps and bleed. Back in the days you had wraps with cripple, and bleed hurt more than it does today. Why? Well, because they add an animation that makes wraps totally useless, which also means that bleed can’t work the same way.
These days no PVP player who knows how to play uses wraps. Because it is simply not needed.

It is one of many examples of what is no longer used. Which makes the game more uninteresting, and that the skill level is lower, which also means that you don’t have to play as much. It seems that everything should be as simple as possible. All players should be at the same level, no matter how many hours you have played.

They devil is in the details. The current movement leads to duels consisting of (disregarding rolling for the moment) running in circles, more or less. It’s too floaty. It should feel like footwork, not wiggling a movement stick.

I mean, sure now people can roll forever. But eith 4 rolls (instead of 6 as it is now) and a outstam penalty that would not be the case. The movement in itself is not a problem. I see the movement as a good add (was kinda like this 2017-2019) and it makes the game feel less clunky as with momentum movement. Problem is all the other factors, like stagger not being as effiecent or perks that pretty much makes you unkillable.

The keyword is “Some” people.
I don’t know about every other player out there, but I sure know a few who complain for the same reason as mine: That the current system makes the game too easy if you have an ounce of skill → aka. you have a low enough reaction time to dodge, and dodging is entirely free so as long as you’re good at dodging you are invincible.

I’ve already said it before, dodging is OP, but before the Age of War it used to have a somewhat appropriate cost for how OP it is and thus it was balanced to some extent.
Right now, dodging is OP and it costs nothing, making you OP as a result.

Hell man, I used to have a shield on me to solo Rocklisde/Rotbranch because it was more stamina efficient, but now I just dodge instead since it’s free :notlikethis:

Of course, PvP is a different story but it sure is a rolling fiesta, much more than before, because once again rolling is 300% free.

Hello, I complain about the current settings and I am not playing PvP, so griefing other players is obviously not part of my options in-game. Here you go, just one counter-example in front of you.

The complaint is not exactly that other players can get away, but that it takes almost no skill to do so. Maybe you aren’t a competitive gamer and you don’t understand this, but it is extremely frustrating to outplay your opponent only for them to have a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” which has little to no counterplay option.

The definition of toxic design is something that has little to no counterplay. The Last Stand perk is arguably on that list. Being able to dodge 24/7 is definitely on that list.

I don’t know if you heard about the Voidforge Mace when it was bugged and it could one shot basically any player. What happened then? People complained about it, obviously no sane person wants one shot options to exist. But anyway, you’re comparing vastly different things, thus the comparison is useless.

The only complaint I’m hearing is that it is too easy to get away from combat due to the stamina changes. Rolling away is free, and stamina regeneration makes running away much easier while chasing is much harder.

I still have to smile everytime when I read about the new stamina system.

Back then in 2018/2019, when we had 4 rolls and no rolling thrust, people complained about Poke’n Roll META. You could roll 3 times with attack and then you barely avoided greystam.

Now you roflroll + attack forever xD


Exactly. Those of us that have been playing this game for years recognise the regular Funcom players. Some of us with private servers have even had FC staff come by for a visit. I personally do not think a game like Exiled Lands could function without the Devs being intimately familiar with the game. BUT, I do not know whether they also play across all platforms. Whether they are active on any of the official servers (of which there are a lot globally), in every country-zone, etc - I do not think that even possible. I suspect that there are some Battles Royale amongst their staff - as implied during the Chapter releases.

Yep, the game is a lot more dynamic since back in '19 :smiley: - remember when there wasn’t even Climbing? lol

I do wonder what the shrieking will be like if/when there are further tweaks to stamina/rolling/attacking making it harder/easier/different.

Yeah, first half of 2017. Build up on an elevated position and remove the stairs. Only Yog could wipe you in PvP (or dedicated players who built human ladders lol).

But also so many glitchy building spots, like below the souther aqueduct or behind the entrance to the nowadays warmaker dungeon.

Yep, I remember all the glitch areas - there were a lot! Still some, and new issues because the ‘mesh/undermesh’ has been tweaked enormously - the screaming when the undermesh exploits were (mainly) cleared up.

For interest, anyone find it non-odd that so much PvP happens only on Official and not Private where there might be Admins lurking? I wish FC would pay li’l ol’ Josh some money and incorperate PIPPI selective deletion into the core Funcom-facing Admin portal… :wink:

I’ve said it before so you know damn good and well I’ll say it again.

We need a player counsel that funcom will listen to to save our Conan.

Listening to people is not the same as doing what they want all the time. Giving counsel to someone means you give your feedback/advice knowing they may reject it. After that, the decision is made and a trusted council lets the issue drop.


You’re wrong. :man_shrugging:


I can remember plenty of times I died fighting in PVE before AoW. Most of those times were because I got too cocky, the rest because I had a lag spike.

After the AoW update, it became harder than ever in this game to die because you were careless. Pretty much the only place I’ve gotten my ass kicked because I got cocky was around the Volcanic Forge.

But that’s good, because now those items are tRuLy LeGeNdArY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t worry. They’ll read the forums and decide that the only thing that really needs to be done about this whole system is to nerf the dodge into uselessness. :wink:

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Throws the broken LeGeNdArY in the dismantling bench :notlikethis:


I have nothing against very powerful legendaries. I have everything against the way we obtain them. :smile:


Still farming the Red Mother for her damn bow :expressionless:

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Game devs:“Dear exiles, in the latest update we’ve made changes to combat based on our own experience of the game.we hear alot of complaints lately about these latest changes and we want you guys to know that we hear you and we finally figured out what you really want.
So we are gonna finally give you what you want and - increase the base stamina, reduce stamina costs, stamina now actually doesnt go down since we made the stamina regen faster than you can blink and npcs will just look at you from now on while you whack at them, and your thralls will randomly die out of combat(so that they mean more to you :D).”

Easy source of early game Starmetal.

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