Bring back the Old School Stamina Fatigue System to bring back stamina management skill gap in PvP

Hey ya’ll i am back at it again in the forums again to attempt to bring more balance and skill based combat to conan, this thread is a minor suggestion but i miss and want the Old Fatigue system that conan used to have, where if you was careless and stam’ed out you mid combat you had to wait for it to come back fully before using it again. in combat and high skill PvP fights this could and sometimes was the deciding factor in most fights at that level since people who got careless couldnt get hit once or twice but usually got full combo’ed out if they got caught without stamina. This old system made a skill gap to when to attack and when to dodge alot more important than just spamming dodge and attack since positioning had even more of a role in these cases, this is a forum to discuss if people truly want the old system back or like this new stamina system better. Lets Discuss Guys! and please, stay on topic XDDDD


Everyone has the same stamina system in PvP so i don’t see why the old system will benefit more for skilled players. In the old system if stamina depleted you have almost zero chance to survive.

I think the combat and combo’s in general should be better, maybe something similar to Mount and Blade or something. I think the combat in Conan Exiles at the release was a little better besides the bugs and rubberbanding of course.

That was why stamina management was utter most important to combat back then. Since if you depleted it you was a sitting duck… it made you not act careless and understand the situation more… I didn’t like mount and blade combat and this game is more of a dark souls blood Bourne type style of combat which I love. I feel the old stamina took alot of skill since ut added an element that if you got greedy or careless… you died if your opponent noticed


So you don’t want the old fatigue system. Maybe if you stam out there should be a longer pause for staming out because right now there is no punishment for being careless and it takes away a skill gap the game used to have

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Funcom does not want skilled players in their game. They’ve been changing the game over and over to reduce any skill gap that might occur.

This is common by a huge amount of developers these days … Instead of orientating around skilled players and closely working with them to improve combat depth, they just are focusing on noob/beginner players and decrease the skill celling by a huge amount.

Tbh… abusing animation cancelling to win a fight is never good in any game… so that’s a good thing they changed it and I’m 100% behind their statement.

Also if you’re really that skilled and able to defeat multiple less fortunate gifted players that is good. I hate games that count on numbers of players like Atlas… no skill required just numbers.


This is normal. If you play a game more intensely and competitive, you will automatically look for all small things in this game that potentially make you better than your opponent. It is arguable that animation canceling is an exploit. New players didn’t know about it, but on the other hand it was basically 1 default button you had to use to do it (I am not talking about the offhand canceling, which only worked well with the help of macros).

It’s gone now and that is the final decision of the devs. But I still conclude that they want to remove anything that might increase the skill gap between players.

To take the OT as an example: If you pressured your enemy enough so he went out of stamina, it was a great success in a PvP fight, which often lead to your victory. It’s gone now for the sake of removing skill gaps.

Yes, this is boring. I don’t expect to win vs 5+ people but 1v2 or 1v3 should be winnable.

Nah I’m all in for fair chances for everyone, not the abuse of things like animation cancelling.

Yes, but then they should also remove things like drawbridges inside the entrance of the building on the east side of the dam on EL. Or the fact that trebuchets can shoot through walls, if they are close enough. Or the RNG drops from Grandmaster Weaponsmith or Grandmaster Armorsmith recipes on Siptah. There are more things as well.

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So now that it takes more skill to kill someone because you can’t hope they tank their stamina and become sitting ducks, you’re claiming combat is less skill based?

It would seem to me someone who depended so heavily on animation cancelling and can’t adapt to the stamina changes probably isn’t as skilled as they’d like to believe themselves to be.


Bull$hit. Stamina system got EASIER.

Animation canceling does not mean autowin. If you have good aim and predictions, you could kill a player who was using animation canceling even without doing it yourself.

Again, not talking about offhand canceling, which was only an issue since sprint attacks.

Everything in my post stands. Stamina became more fluid, it didn’t change your timing and ability to anticipate an opponents movement. You know, the things that are actually skill based.


Agreed. The devs said they want a skilled player to be able to beat many non skilled players again

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Agreed. Animation canceling had to be gone. And it was never intended to be apart of the game… I think other things have to change to make it more skill based without exploits and such


Animation canceling had to go for Many many reasons. I am glad it’s gone but I still want skill in this game to triumph over numbers and the old stamina system prevented numbers from just bum rushing someone and being able to do it all time during the fight without being close to dying over dodge spam or other things like non stop missing shots

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Yeah i disagree. It made people overly aggressive and rewarded bad playstyle and people who don’t have the patience to watch their stam. If you can’t manage stam which is and was a big issue for alot of people you got punished for being too aggressive or greedy. You shouldn’t be able to just be non stop aggressive… and you stam out and pop a herbal or set to grab stam back quicker than a blink of an eye when you stam out. Making people watch their stam was a KEY ROLE in fighting many 2 or more players against yourself. Because they would get overly confident and aggressive and stam out… and then die. It made it more skill based in the terms that you needed to manage your stam or get a build that you didn’t have to watch it as much but suffer from other stats you may lose

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Let’s not thrive on animation canceling. but let us just discuss the stamina system. Yes it got ALOT easier. And the devs have stated they wanna make skill beat numbers again and make skill a big part of the game again. So we mutlst give them feedback and help them do so. And stamina system is part of that issue. People who managed their stamina well and learned signs when someone ran out or counted the opponents strikes etc… won because they anticipated it and got rewarded for knowing it

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I’m not suggesting the importance of stamina management didn’t change. It’s still important, just not as important. And you still are punished for depleting it, it’s just not as harsh.

It works like stamina should. A system where you are completely helpless for an extended period of time is not only defeating but nonsensical.

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