Implement the old out of stamina system back into the game

There was a time when we had an out of stamina system in place, where you had to wait for the stamina bar to refill in order to act again (dodge, run, attack). It took roughly 6-7 seconds to get it refilled.

The system in place had a reason for PvP and this reason was to be able to facilitate the weapon combo system.

If you were able to pressure your enemy as much so he ran out of stamina, you had a chance to deal a fatal full combo with your weapon on him. If you would re-implement this system, the following example scenario would change from:

Player B runs out of stamina → Player A starts commiting a full combo with a 2h pike on Player B → Player B has last stand and it procs, allowing him to survive the attack → Player B’s stamina is partly recovered and he can dodge out just after the 3rd attack of the weapon combo from Player A and is able to run away easily.

to this:

Player B runs out of stamina → Player A starts commiting a full combo with a 2h pike on Player B → Player B has last stand and it procs, allowing him to survive the attack → Player B’s stamina needs to recover fully and Player A is able to complete a full 4 hit combo on Player B, crippling and bleeding him, making his escape harder because he is slowed.

I am aware that it can take up to 20 seconds to fill up your stamina bar nowadays when you are overencumbered. But this makes running with your loot even more risky. But with the old system stamina management mattered.


I like the current stamina system but didn’t have a problem with the old system’s behavior when you ran out.

If this change would improve the quality of PvP game play I’m all for it. The current quality of PvP game play sounds just awful.

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Last Stand is just a handicap for bad pvpers to run to their team/ battle pyramids.
Players need at least 2-300 more hp base IMO and have armor coumt for more, making armor pen more viable as light armor meta doesnt require a ton of AP.
Great axes shred now ONLY because low armor players as Great Axes have 0% ap without a kit.
Old stam system would feel bad with the new heal system.
Just rework last stand to be less wheelchair friendly.


In addition running out of stamina should prevent and cancel any healing effect.

Depends. If they kept the current out of stam behavior I’d be fine with that. If they switched back to the old behavior I’d probably think that was too punitive.

But honestly it’s hard to say without being able to play test it.

Someone should create a mod . . .

Well at least on console with servers with target lock enabled. Its too easy to interupt someones heal, just spam arrows/throwing axes/ dagger spam. Combine that with stam not recovering while activating a potion …
I mean im all about players being punished for poor resource management but waiting till youre whole stam bar has to refresh only worked because you could spam tea/ haunch while still being able to move.

I see, but a better solution is to remove target lock on players then.

Game needs to get more skill based again.


I’ve noticed a lot more private servers with target lock and auto-facing on attack both disabled. It’s glorious.

To be fair, its only really useful with a controller.

Its a crutch in PVP that hurts the user more than it helps in the long run if they’re using mouse and keyboard. The only reason it has some use with daggers is because of how fast the character attacks. But there are some people who can achieve the same results with target lock disabled.

I disagree here. Managing stamina was never that difficult, even then. Now we have even more ways of increasing stamina. I’ve even had the inkling to suggest weapon attacks need stamina costs raised about 50% across the board. Maybe even alongside the thread’s suggestion of bringing back the old system.

Grit and +Stamina gear would definitely have a place. When you’re 20-20-20 SAV and only running 120-140 stamina without issue, there’s a problem.

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But now we got pants that give even more stamina :smiley:

We can get close to 250 stamina now with the SAV build.

In my current Agility build, I can get this:

I’m not sure if that is on official or somewhere else?

I’m not planning to go to siptah until I have a clan status that lets me travel back and forth. The stamina could be remedied by going after a single object on IOS and bringing it back to EL. A little p2w, but it doesn’t bother me… to rush it.

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