Conan exiles: PVP META that should not exist! AKA Funcom help us help you!

If not, I doubt it will be that successful as they hope.

I agree that something needs to be done and this is technically a solution. I think a fix should go alot deeper than this though.

This works, but doesn’t it just highlight that the stamina regen buff is kinda useless? Ever since they rescaled how armor works, there is practically no use for heavy armors anymore. They just do not provide any meaningful benefit for how punishing they are on stamina regen, and I’m pretty sure that the godbreaker skirt’s perk doesn’t even work, besides.

They could also fix alot of this by adjusting how weapon staggering works. Light weapons (i.e. Daggers) shouldn’t stunlock at all, and heavy armors should be more resistant to getting staggered in general.

Armor penetration values are casually too high compared to the amount of protection we can stack. Its no wonder that the meta is almost always light armor, MAYBE medium. It shouldn’t be that way.

Even for PvE, vitality is kinda mandatory. So people functionally only have 40 points to build with.

Can you elaborate what you think is wrong with the armor penetration? I think the spiked attachment works pretty well to remedy ap. And, you can attach it to daggers.

The bigger question above is if it is still fun?

I’m not much into the pvp scene, but I have dabbled. I would say this: any time any choice becomes mandatory for a viable build, it is not a well thought out selection of choices.

Even in PvE I struggle to understand why certain choices exist over others.

I would like to see certain weaker options combined, or certain specific ways you can get around other builds.

Like poison/fire/DoT that completely negates glutton for punishment. Or something like having a “fracture” (sunder?) that disables jumping entirely.

So, sure there is a meta, but more like rock paper scissors where you figure out what your opponent is playing and (if you prepped) you might have tools to equip to deal with them.

So, I think a TLC pass is needed to figure out how armor should really work, how status effects and such should work, and ultimately more choices/refinement of the attribute system.

…again I have done minor dabbling in this, so I’m by no means even offering an educated opinion on it. Just my 2 cents.

It will. You can learn it from promo materials they post.

Armor pen values of certain weapon types are too high and actually use percentages in the formula while all armor attachments are additive and don’t offer much boost to damage reduction.
In the end, heavy armor doesn’t feel like heavy armor because players can freely choose a weapon with high armor penetration values and then stack even more armor penetration bonuses from weapon attachments and attribute perks.


Armor penetration in itself is fine, the problem is armor penetration from perks which applies to all sorts of things.
Light / medium armor being used in PvP is more for mobility / stamina usage and weight reasons since it still offers way too much protection to be called “light”.

Also, contrary to what a lot of people believe, armor penetration does not subtract from damage reduction, but is rather multiplicative to it. Meaning that if you have 30% damage reduction, 30% Armor penetration will NOT negate it entirely… instead it will still leave you with 21% damage reduction.


A heavy build (or strength build) wins mostly in engagement. I’m doing a hybrid that works out pretty well. It’s only missing one item from siptah that I’ll get sometime, so I’m not concerned about stamina. I’m just concerned about someone trying to make the attributes more definitive such that a hybrid is impossible.

Not many players do stack it. Maybe they are stuck on siptah.

Im not even sure armor pen is even that good anymore, at least in this light armor meta as most players really only have roughly 400ish armor.
What makes me think this is when i hit someone with a star metal great axe which has i think 82 dmg / 0% pen with not fitting. This increases to 87/12 with master fitting. The heavy attacks can really chunk even with low armor pen. Ive also noticed obsidian warhammers seem to do considerably less than they use to. I know they got nerfed a few patches ago but im not impressed with them like i use to be. An obsidian WH has something like 65/40 ish or more if im not mistaken. This LOOKS superior on paper but the 2h Axe (and 2h swords) hit way harder with lesd AP.
This is most likely due to lower armor values of players because of the light armor, therefore requring less pen.
Back when heavy armor was king a Yogs Touch was #1 for pvp because it had great Dmg/AP, as dud Warhammers ,bypassing a lot of mitigation.
Now , everyone is basically a glass canon that get put into last stand within 2-3 hits.
I have a clip of me 2 shotting a player with a 2h sword, bypassing their last stand because the base dmg is like 80+ and the chop attack does minimum 75% dmg to a light armor.
In my opinion, something should be done to make fight engagements less about squishy glass canon builds that crutch on Last Stand to save them so they can run to a battle pyramid ( which contributes to over buikding and lag) and do something about player hp/armor values.
I think player hp is just too low overall and unless youre rocking 900-1100 armor , armor pen isnt super important.
Ive experimented with a heavy armor /hp build in pvp for fun and it did seem to help me survive in a mosh pit scenario better, but only by maybe 1-2 hits until LS proced. This was at the cost of not being able to chase as well due to stam management but Ok for closr quarter engagements.
In conclusion, i think reworking last stand and player hp/ armor systems could help pvp feel better. Also when crafting weapons for pvp, players should ALWAYS “want” to use the blacksmith that improves armor pen, and PvErs should 90% of the time prefer the bazic damage blacksmith.
Most pve enemies dont require AP, its more of a PvP thing, or at least it should be.
And FC needs to fix the AP blacksmith, provides 0% increase to certain weapons.
Sorry for long post.

JFK theories galore prove this statement wrong.

Pen is huge in perks atm. I think we counted around 70% pen all together in SAV build for archery and little less for normal weapons. It will have to get also a huge look at. Tho i have to point out that we need an urgent fix for the SAV. And urgency is moving a perk around. If we exchange the quickfooted and the 25% faster stamina regen as suggested in post before i think no build in my mind will be underachieving. Agility might be actually even more crazy.

No that is not the main issue lol. Ok generally speaking stamina is now easy to control and even if you are bad at stamina management u gain it back almost instantly. So a bit more skill based pvp this will have to get addressed, though i highly doubt it. The main issue are the perks and the combination and placement of them. Just too strong. And mind you this combination of them also allows some other stupidity which is Mario build. But i digress. The perks need to be changed or moved or redesigned. And i still think that my solution is a really qucik and easy one, just instead of stout perk being moved move the 25% faster stamina regen one.

The main issues are perks and the base increases of attributes giving to much stats in other attributes areas.

The 25% stam perk moving to 3rd perk agility makes no sense.
And the strength build ends up being way stronger than an agility one. Also leaves just two builds.

Might be quick change but to me doesnt address enough , i dont agree with the perk swap and if it goes through we might be stuck with it for some time.

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Is it still fun? Is it still playable?

They change or now?
I mean it was technically playable when everthing was invisible , fun? Not so much

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I would much rather remove the stamina cost reduction from the 15 agility perk.

And: Implement the old out of stamina system back into the game

Add actual stamina cost to the 2nd jump of double jump. Make it even double the amount.

This i can on board with as part of other changes

Only because “they” approve them for public release. I’ve said too much.

So with the window has ended to implement this insta. We’ll try to find a good solution to the problem. Ty all for the input

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