Return the old stamina

New stamina completely kills pvp. It turns into a sonic battle. Roll +hit, roll + hit. Previously, it was required to control your stamina in order to successfully fight. And this gave conan pvp is interest. Now became even easier for fleeing people to escape. Running spend little stamina when sprinting hits and just hits spend a lot of stamina. Roll can be done for a very long time and because of this, ur target becomes even more tenacious. Roll pvp
Also need to work on the perks. For example, change damage reduction in “Last Stand” from 95 percent to 50. Double jump move to 20 corruption agility perk and instead add perk to reduce armor class @Funcom


yea, funcom kill his best game

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I play this game more then 6k hrs, and now im and mostly all pvp players have to leave this shit rollllllsss in pvp

  • need return old stamina regen time
    or fix regen start timer.
    now its just insta, so you can roll 24\7
    New stamina system - YouTube
    u can see it on 1:05

it’s not the stamina system that kills it, its just slightly too fast regen but primarily it’s the Rolling Thrust perk absolutely decimating the pvp.
The gameplay (without the perk) is miles above what it used to be and the game actually feels good to play but funcom added the rework without even taking a look at the perks so now you’ve got literally all builds featuring rolling thrust because its 100% mandatory its not even a question

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no it just needs a slight delay before regen on dodge, you shouldnt be able to spam dodge and see your stam go up so even just 0.5 sec of no regen would fix it. the big issue is rolling thrust making attacks free and giving you a massive damage boost when it doesnt fit the new stamina system at all

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The new system needs some adjustments, undeniably.
And one adjustment I would like to see would be a dedicated cooldown on dodge :snake:
Just my suggestion though.

Perk also contributes. But still, the main problem is high cost of hits and rapid regeneration of stamina. For the above reasons.

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Guys, you CAN’T have this kind of stamina depletion without instant regen. That would be a mistake bigger than the change of stamina cost.
What we could have was a status effect applying the more times you roll during a certain period. Roll once and it’s free. Roll twice under 30 secs, and you’ll have an impairment, roll the 3rd and you get severely impaired. Roll 4 times and you get knocked down, dizzy or something.
That would put an end to infinite rolling.
But if you take away instant stamina regen, the result will be even worse.
It’s bs that you don’t run out of stamina. You do and you CAN’T roll when that happens. It’s a split second, but it’s there and if you’re stunlock at that time, you’re gone. It’s absolutely not true that you don’t need to watch out for your stamina. You just have to watch it much less, but get careless and you die. You run out of it much faster. On pvp you barely notice this because poke’n’ roll was already the norm, but now you can do it indefinitely. However, stamina regen delay IS NOT the solution.

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yeah, I think when I read your initial post, I thought you meant refilled the entire bar (like the old way), but this post made me realize you meant “can’t perform the action if you don’t have the amount of stamina required to perform that particular action”. And I think I agree on this. Like you said, it’s weird for dodge to take a certain amount but you can do it as long as you have at least 1.

I know there’s some kind of hidden negative-stamina factor but it doesn’t seem to affect dodge at all.

totally agree, killed pvp


PvP is fine. Only the strong survive.

How is PvP fine when all you have to do now is roll>hit>roll>hit?
Doing weapon combos is out of the question. The game is forcing you to spam same, boring attacks over and over again. Even in PvE.

Weapons are not balanced. There are weapons that can kill you in 2 hits in full endgame armor, light or heavy. Katanas are utterly useless with new stamina system.

You have immortality perk on top of borderline infinite rolling. If experienced fighter decides to just roll in 1v1 and dodge your every attack, you will never kill them.
Game is garbage. Such wasted potential.




Staina changes suck!

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This would kill corrupted builds. @Yngve

You have low stamina in corruption builds, so you need to go light armor and get the rolling thrust perk, so you can PvP effectively with it. The only thing that will drain your stamina then, are rolls. Because you do roll + poke. And rolls are %-based, not based on flat stamina usage.

But even without rolling thrust, people would still do roll + poke.

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Been that way for five years, hasn’t it? Except for a brief period of time when a left-click-spam with daggers was the meta.

Rolling thrust only makes it even more pronounced because the stamina cost has moved from slow regeneration to higher costs, and you can avoid paying the cost. And it’s on a stat that is otherwise useful too, so there’s no real opportunity cost to invest points into it. Hence my earlier suggestion to make Rolling thrust into a Corrupted perk, because sorcerers have crappy Stamina.

They must have something against katanas, seriously. It’s frustrating seeing how one of the most interesting weapons in the game gets ruined more and more.

It’s possible to pvp with corrupted build?

It’s possible to PvP with any build. Whether you’re going to win more often than not will vary.

Also, considering the utility of the bat in raiding bases (because many people still don’t bother to build defenses against it, or don’t know how), one might say there’s a definite niche for sorcerers in PvP.

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