Too much stamina consumption for weapons

Need to overhaul the stamina when it comes to weapons, takes hella stamina for 1 full combo with anything.


What you’re experiencing IS the overhaul :slight_smile:
It was deliberately changed to this with the start of Age of War.

In the past you could do several combo chains with your typical stamina pool, but when you ran out you got exhausted and couldn’t sprint etc. until it regened… and regen was much slower.

With AoW they intentionally switched to this new high stamina consumption system, but added super fast regen and no exhaustion debuff if you fully run out.
Bottom line… they did it intentionally and even doubled down and stuck with it when people hated the initial idea of it and protested it on a large scale :stuck_out_tongue:


It doesn’t hurt to occasionally opine that the overhaul may have gone just a touch too far for some players.

This one has adapted but would prefer something a little less rapid on both the drain and restoration.



They should provide us with a server option to change the >weapon< stamina consumption on a percentage base.

So it will be possible to make private servers with the old stamina system. (without mods ofc).


I mean you can get used to it. I did. But that doesn’t mean it’s great, i also would prefer the old system, faster regen is lovely but what is the point in combos if you’re not able to perform one?
And the removal of hyper armor makes slow weapons like great sword basically useless.
Especially on PvP it’s really awful everyone just rolls and polkes. It’s like watching apes.


Or you quit game cause of it. raises hand

(along with other issues that are piling up) Stamina usage is pet peeve of mine… and this change was just not asked for… and somehow stuck. Ruined how it played.
Game was alot more fun before changes.

It could use a few tweaks on old systems… they over tuned it hard.


I can’t get used to it.

At this stage I’d rather remove the stamina system entirely and turn combat into a game of dexterity and skill, make it even faster.

There is a lot of games without stamina system yet the combat is epic. And i think Conan should go that way.

Either make it realistic or remove it entirely.

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What is ironic is mathematically speaking, the stamina changes didn’t change much, or in the opposite direction of what people ‘feel’. Especially if you compare how much stamina it takes (percentage of the bar and not actual value) compared to the enemy health (again percentage).

Time to Kill on NPCs and Bosses are much lower compared to before.

And you can definitely tell among those unwilling to adapt that their reasonings are nebulous feelings because they want to go back to a system where they could chain combos. But there is nothing in the game that is going to survive past a second combo outside of bosses.

PVP has been like this since they added roll dodge to the game years ago. Anyone not using spears and rolling around were considered weird, inefficient, and inadequate for ‘real fights’. In the cases that they succeeded then they were considered to be exploiting, abusing game balance, or anomalies that could be ‘even better’ if they switched to spear, though usually they are just considered noobs who ‘have to use a broken OP weapon’ and not a ‘real weapon’.

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Thats the worst idea ever

Im speaking for the pvp community, those who say “just adapt” / “its fine”, you pve then.

Which resulted in some people leaving, funcom dont care for the pvp community.

                                (I know you're reading this funcom)

Some perks were just not taken, especially the traditional ones. I like the new stamina changes. Getting the full combo is not hard. It may be hard to consistently hit that combo. Or, one may have to reroll the attributes.


I play PvE and would like to perform combos more often… it’s not just the PvP community that feels that way.

No you don’t, unless there was an election for spokesperson on behalf of the pvp community and you won it.

Funcom probably spend more time and money on “trying” to balance every change or new addition to the game with pvp in mind than on pve if you consider how big an impact they each have on the amount of players and sales.

I am not saying that they shouldn’t take pvp into consideration, but problem is that pvp like pve is so split that there isn’t a general agreement to how it should be… I simply won’t use words like yours for disagreement with the pvp spokesperson :wink:

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Why not spec into more grit then, it is definitely possible to perform combos :slight_smile:

Because I prefer strength and authority. I’d rather not be forced into a build because Funcom says I have to in order to do something I did prior to the update.


Fair enough, but I can see where Funcom is trying to go with this system…
They want to make the combat more of a trade off, huge advantages comes with a cost.
I don’t feel forced into a certain build, I probably would if I were playing pvp, but I mostly play pve now, and I can find many different ways to build my character for various situations, I rarely ever maximize myself for just 1 thing and yet I think that I can clear the mounds faster and more efficient now than before.

Again, I am not saying that the new system is perfect, but the more I get used to it, the more I enjoy it :slight_smile:

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Well i adapted it, but with great sword for example you’ve been able to charge into a mob and combo through them. That was always the benefit of the weapon, slow but able to hit multiple targets, and i loved it.
But if you don’t have agility maxed out or at least a few points in grit it’s not possible anymore, especially with the removal (or reduction to be precise) of hyper armor.
Now even two enemies can stagger you like crazy. The weapon is just useless now. Even if you use roll attack doesn’t help, because it’s a slow weapon that takes time to get going.

Against stronger npc‘s like nordheimers, forgotten tribe or volcano thralls it’s really horrific. They deal more damage than the undead monstrosity in the unnamed city, and that’s a 3 skull boss creature.
The nonsensical balancing and removal of hyper armor changed the gameplay for the worse i think.

Long story short, i could live with the stamina changes, but the removal of hyper armor makes slower weapons a pain to use. That’s really sad in my humble opinion.

Then you didn’t try everything! Mace for example doesn’t belong in this category.
Almost every weapon even in the past performed better with combination of light and heavy attacks. Even the fist fighting has secrets, all the weapons hide secrets, unusual moves that’s going out only with the correct combinations. To some weapons it’s very obvious and to some others the animation is similar. So i give you this start…
Try punching 3 lights one heavy :wink:.
Now about the stamina and full combo on pvp… When exactly you used full combo on pvp and you didn’t end up dead? The animations do not allow full combo between pvp players! Only the very unexperienced players do this mistake on pvp fights.
So, i do respect your wish for stamina changes, but i can read your mistakes as well, sorry fellow exile.
Let’s go back.
What’s really “annoying” for veterans is the almost infinite dodge, not the stamina consume. But it’s annoying for veterans, no new player is disappointed to this :man_shrugging:, every new player i seen playing since the stamina changes just spam dodge, they simply love to abuse this option. So this is something that’s going to change, soon.
Stamina consume is tricky, push you to choose wisely your perks, so 20 str, 20 agi. 20 vit bye bye! The funny part is that the pvp community was seeing this option as the ONLY option but at the same time they were accusing devs for poor designing, go figure. The funniest was that they demand nerfs to every other option that was ruining their 20-20-20, for example katana! Katana didn’t need this 20-20-20 so it had to be nerfed, period.
So please try to understand that either you’ll test and adopt to the new system, either it’s better not to ask changes so easily. Because it’s very easy to say that devs did something wrong, especially when you’re not trying to do something right. That’s the only complain i have from the pvp community here and keep in mind please that in the past i serve and loved this mode very much. I just have zero interest on stealing and bombing others that’s why i left eventually but mostly because pvp demands decent console and connection which i didn’t had.

I respect your wish for stamina changes, but not the reasons you presented, they are off, less!


To me hyper armor is a separate issue. If they reverted stamina changes, you’d still be missing hyper armor. And then you’d be facing 12-18k bosses and 5k corrupted wolves without any hyper armor. And that would be a hectic change for them to make. Its not as simple as clicking Undo. Ask a modder what happens to a project if you press ctrl-z by accident. :laughing:

Reintroducing hyper armor would be a bit easier. Though to be honest I’d rather they adjust the animations so that we don’t even need it. So your first attack causes the enemy to either be staggered themselves so they can’t attack you, or they dodge away.

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