ABOUT PVP - My personal opinion and suggestions

Age of war has now been released for a couple of weeks and I would therefore like to offer my contribution by defining a “review” regarding what IN MY NOTICE, I repeat, IN MY NOTICE, could be changed and/or modified.
In addition to the fact that there is a BUG that crashes the servers (to be fixed as soon as possible, too much time has already passed and there are a lot of videos on YOUTUBE), here are my considerations on PVP:

  • Stamina, why?
    The stamina has been, as is evident, sensationally made stupid, allowing players not only to run endlessly, but also to roll endlessly (blatant stupidity).
    How can I balance that?
    Adding gray bar (as before) as stamina regenerates.
    In my opinion it could be a good option, considering that the stamina regenerates instant.

  • Only 2 useful weapons, the rest completely on the back burner.
    Why would anyone use weapons other than the great axe (450hp damage per hit) or the spear which, not only deals insane damage, but paralyzes you ridiculously?
    Why this FUNCOM?
    The hammer rendered completely slow and useless, the two-handed greatsword has a very slow attack sprint reaction and renders it useless, the one-handed sword or normal axe completely useless.
    PVP is simply a great axe spam, doing pathetic damage to you and forcing you to use it in order to kill an enemy.

  • Perks in vitality, one of the worst things ever since conan was released:

  1. Glutton: with this stamina you can run infinitely and regenerate easily unless, of course, your opponents always block you.

  2. Last Stand : or also called BIG BS.
    This perk is completely ridiculous.
    Having almost 10 seconds of immortality, but what’s the point?
    It might make sense like “LAST STAND” to be able to take an attack while in that state and take no damage, not 10 bloody seconds of immortality!
    In my opinion, both perks are to be abolished, but I also understand that with this damage caused by the big ax or spear the fight would literally become 2 hits.

  • Bomb fire: very bad, to be decreased. For small clans being able to defend themselves from bombs becomes difficult if the fire slaughters you.

I watched old PVP videos, like the following:


and I understand the mess that has been made in terms of changes under PVP. This PVP was pure skills, fun, action; each player was good at using a certain weapon.
Suffice it to say that the PVP servers and arenas were sensationally full.
Why not take a cue from this type of PVP and take a step back?
It may benefit the PVP community and not cause any problems for the PVE community.

And you, what do you think in general?
I’d love a comparison. The game, in my opinion, needs someone in the FUNCOM TEAM who may have PLAYED the game or PVP a little, because it really seems to me that every update makes it worse dramatically.

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I have set up a server with a 2020 patch.

Here you can find it:

Unfortunately I’m a console player :frowning:

Ahh :confused:

I personally think that Funcom tries to take away one skill element after another. They try to make the PvP as casual and low skill as possible.

Hence I set up a game server with an older patch, to be able to relive the old METAs.

It only tickles at max xp.

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