Amazing PVP Age of WAR, lol


Good interesting video. Granted, not a PvP player in CE but still a good watch about suggestions/issues of the game.

This reminds me of the issue with the dodge roll in ESO years ago before they changed it where now each roll will cost more stamina.

It is very hard to balance PvP combat to make it fair. ESO is constantly changing combat mainly for PvPers. Granted, it needed to be changed since it was causing imbalanced fights at various stages of the game. I hardly PvP these days in ESO to keep up with any changes the past 2 years (I am sure there were some but I mainly only focus on Conan Exiles these days). Most of the changes, always forced PvE players to change their play style which is sometimes a cause of controversy between PvP and PvE players.


rolling rolling rolling lool

Grey stamina when you run out, is good.
Now when you fight, you must watch on your stamina. If you run out, thats the opportunity for enemy to take you down. Who ever implemented that, great job.

New stamina. You don’t need to watch it anymore.
You have one or two hits and you must move or something, because you run out of stamina.
Thats not hard to remember at all. Even, if you do run out, there is no more delay in stamina regen.

This change is trash.
Someone tried to justify their work and make changes to something that didn’t need change.
If they felt we have to much stamina now, they could cut down on stamina pool.
That would not effect so many things


keep rolling, let’s go back to early access, animation cancelling.

Chapter 2 Age of War

  • Stamina is now completely removed



Fun fact: dodging as we know it wasn’t implemented until Update 33, the very last update in early access.


Even that wouldn´t matter much since stamina regain is so fast now.

Its like he showed it in the video. One hit, roll, one hit roll repeat until you bored yourself to death.

To be fair. You had less rolls back in the days. Also a penalty for getting greystam.

Stagger soon aswell.

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yup but animation cancelling was there, what doing the rolling give a similar effect and stuffs used at this time to cancel. why darcat did this graphics at start of video i hit, i cancel, i hit, i cancek

hit and roll, hit and roll and keep rolling :tongue:

How is this any different than the old spear / roll meta of old?

Increased damage in heavy attacks (HA) and stagger on the first hit of HA, with Rolling Thrust perk adding significantly more armour pen.

So, while not exactly different, it seems more potent.

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