I genuinely loved this game


I genuinely LOVED this game regardless of the constant downgrades it has received the last few years but this latest so called “update” has just put the final nail in the coffin for me.
It started out with the infinite stam regen (aka infinite roll) and this was a massive step back in terms of pvp balancing and overall gameplay on both sides of the community (PvE & PvP)

For the PvE side it took away any sort of challenge that the game offered in terms of npc’s since you can infinitely roll around an npc and swing a 2h axe every roll and never get hit while doing insane amounts of damage to the npc…where is the fun in this?

For the PvP side it gets even worse, when you engage a player now it’s all about who can roll faster and sneak in a hit every now and again. Even if you do manage to get the enemy player low they have 3 choices. #1 is to stand and fight and try to out sonic the opponent (which rarely if ever happens). #2 Is to constantly roll away from the enemy until you regen your health to max and then restart the fight. The third and final option is to simply run away because no matter how much the opponent chases you, you will always regen stamina at a fast enough rate to completely outrun the opponent and make it safely home.

But again, this was not the final straw for people (It was for a significant amount) but not all.

This brings us to the AGE OF WAR CHAPTER 3
Why in the name of god change something that literally NOBODY asked for (I know you get this alot but genuinely I’m curious)
Who asked that you go back in time to the pre alpha stages of the game and bring back that version of combat? because thats how this new way of playing feels.
Now I need to rotate my character completely before I can attack in the way my mouse is looking?
I sincerely do hope that this is an intentionally bad change so you can roll out a hotfix in a few days to make it look like you care about and listen to what genuine players think and not just the PR players like @Wak4863 and @Firespark81

I’ll be uninstalling this game until atleast one of these major things have been remedied and not in a new fancy way but the simple just reverting to how they were before you messed them up.



They’re talking about the recent change that separates the way your camera faces vs the way your character attacks. It used to be you face your camera in a direction and your attack goes in that direction. Now you have to physically move your character to face that direction.

It feels fine on controller but I’d imagine it’s less great on pc

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ah ok my mistake sorry and thanks for helping me understand. I really like the animation of the new spear.



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