Age of War Chapter 1 Made Me Stop Playing

Disclaimer : This is my opinion. If you disagree, that’s fine. Tell me why, instead of just telling me I am wrong for having an opinion.

This latest chapter really made me not want to play Conan Exiles much anymore.

The new combat is a huge downgrade for me. I liked having a taste of being more powerful than everyone else. Could you still die? Sure. But now if you take on 2-3 mobs before lvl 30, you’re dead. Period. Armor doesn’t seem to matter as you’re leveling up, or at all…really.

The bugs are really getting out of hand. The Nemedian foundation issue was unacceptable. The lackluster response to it was even worse.

Servers run like le poo most days. Tons of server crashes, and most private servers have to do multiple server resets each day just to lessen the issues with lag/etc…

I fell in love with this game almost immediately when I started playing it about a year ago. I bought all of the DLCs soon after I started. I totally regret that now since I feel this developer team is slowly killing this game with their odd “improvements” that no one asked for.

The whole situation really bums me out, since this game was a perfect place for me to unwind and just enjoy building up my presence on a server with down to earth people. Now, I just log in every ten days so I don’t lose my stuff. I want to enjoy playing again.

I really hope Chapter 2 is a step in a better direction.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to reading your thoughts/ideas.


Nope, that about sums it up. Although I feel the pvp is good the rest of the game has gone to shit. I fell in love with the building system and the follower system. But you can’t build defendable bases anymore(for official solo gameplay) and the followers are trash. In fact , calling the followers trash is an insult to trash. And the bazar….here’s a generation that has no qualms whatsoever about frivolously spending money on such things just for flashier gameplay and they couldn’t even get that right. Sooner or later you’d think the owners would realize that the new management is clueless about this game and community and if they really think that they can just destroy this game and then we’ll just abandon it and jump right into to Dune….good luck with that. I would imagine most people would just boycott Dune entirely out of spite for what was done to Conan.


I am this person.

I was very excited for Dune Awakening. But now, after seeing how Conan Exiles has been ruined (imo), I won’t touch Dune until after release, after I see reviews, and a little time has passed to see if that dev team has a roadmap I agree with.


Road map is not enough. There needs to be enough content to last long after the roadmap would even need to be added later.

Bottomline: I require more game in my game not promised game to be added to make my game a game at a later date. Promises are cheap as are roadmaps as they are not contracts.


You’ve been around for a long time. We’ve had a pretty huge game for a long time. And we’re still getting new content for free if we own the core game.

If we want more free content than Funcom is capable of offering, despite everything we already have, we’re just being greedy.

If we want Funcom to produce content according to our personal tastes for free, and complain if the updates weren’t catering for ourselves, we’re being selfish.

Everyone is free to like or dislike the updates - I’m definitely not a fan of everything AoW C1 brought to the game - but let’s not pretend Funcom owes us new free content at the rate we consume it, because no game company can do that.


The initial release of Age of Sorcery forces this one to stop playing.
Many times, usually with less than a five minute window when this one could play before the game crashed.
Fortunately it got mostly kinda fixed.

This one whole heartedly agrees that Age of War Chapter 1 is wholely uninspiring. Especially measured against Age of Sorcery (at least the bugs aren’t as bad this time, which is damnation by faint praise). Such a pity, it had such potential. But instead of starting with a bang, it started with a penny pinching whimper.
Age of War?
More like age of finger paint and constipated walk with palette swap loot.

Did it make this one stop playing?
Does it do anything to bring new incentive for this one to play?
Also no.

The content that replaced the removed content is…

Hopefully it picks up next chapter, but this one doubts it.
Purge revamp and weapon hyper armour rebalance.
That’s about all they’ve noted, yes?
Chapter 3 is when we get the new fortress to attack.

This one had hoped for more from an age of War.
Instead, this one received a reminder of the lesson of hope.
It is the pathway to disappointment.


Haven´t played since the new chapter got out and destroyed almost all of my workstations and chests.

This update took it all out for me. And I am not gonna torture myself playing this update. I would love to build my city and spend time again in the game but I am not doing it. I do not support the latest dev teams deccisions because they are ruining the game for me. And would I login and play I would send the wrong signal.

Most people on my friendslist have stopped playing Conan Exiles or only login to refresh and they say the same. Devs are too stubborn to go back and revert those nonsense changes and so am I. I might login the last couple of days of this update to quickly do the battlepass but thats it. Haven´t bought anything in the shop in this season and won´t until some changes have been made to change this game back to what it was.

Have spend 60 Euros on Remnant 2 instead. Money that could have gone into Conan. It is not my lose, its theirs. I will have fun gaming, if not in this game then in another.


Maybe “single player” with mods will give you new inspiration.
I personally had a vanilla game for half a year, then I got bored, I began to look for mods. They, as well as new cards, have kept me in the game for 2.5 years.


You don’t need to be afraid of fanboys. Just go through this forum and see that 99% hate AoW Chapter 1.

I don’t expect any turning back from the direction Funcom took - so as above - get your own server with mods. There are already mods out there that reverse changes brought to the game by AoW.

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This is why I boycott Warhammer made by Frontier Developments, because how they handled Elite Dangerous for the past 10 years and how they scammed us into paying them money and they never delivered what they promised.
But most people is not like you or me and they are going to give them their hard earned money again.

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I stopped playing when Age of War was released myself, no intentions on ever coming back as I can just play older versions of the game in single player and get my conan fix and its become obvious what they consider “content”. I don’t see a good reason in raising a fuss about it, I don’t matter at all. But if you don’t like the direction a game is going the only thing you can really do is quit and hope enough people quit as well. Until that happens nothing will ever change.

I told my buddies almost 2 months ago now when my base decays feel free to take everything… yet my base is still standing to this day. That honestly tells me everything I need to know about the state of the game.

I’ve found myself playing much less since AoW. The added “content” wasn’t really anything new and engaging but the changes they made to core systems diminished my fun quite substantially. I was pretty excited when they first discussed the new Age but it’s, so far, been a pretty big letdown.

You’ve been around for a long time. We’ve had a pretty huge game for a long time. And we’re still getting new content for free if we own the core game.

If we want more free content than Funcom is capable of offering, despite everything we already have, we’re just being greedy.

If we want Funcom to produce content according to our personal tastes for free, and complain if the updates weren’t catering for ourselves, we’re being selfish.

Everyone is free to like or dislike the updates - I’m definitely not a fan of everything AoW C1 brought to the game - but let’s not pretend Funcom owes us new free content at the rate we consume it, because no game company can do that.

It’s not free. They literally changed their entire business model around becoming a live service with macro transactions. They’ll charge you $20 for a table, and reward you with invisible monsters. They’ll charge $30 for two identical pieces of armor, while your stuff decays on your nemedian foundations.

If you’ve played a while then you know that whenever they come out with some new update it’s often a bug-riddled mess that takes months for them to fix. Queue updates every 3 months. We get about 2 months of game-breaking bugs followed by a month of things being -maybe- okay before the next chapter updates and the mess starts all over again.

We’re not being greedy, we’re just sick of having the game we purchased constantly break because of Funcom’s inability to deliver on their own business plan with increasingly meager results. Carrying useless treasure for an hour? 4 clan emblems? It’s totally lackluster for the amount of problems it caused.


Age of War, ch.3. ‘Under the power of Stygia’.
All treasures found will have to be taken to the checkpoints of the Stygian army, where you will be searched to see if a part has been hidden. After that, you will need to kiss the shoe of the Stygian chief.
Survival requires sacrifice… :joy:

Pvp is far from good. Now the meta is just spam roll spear/bow and you cant be killed ever if you decide to run away mid-fight. They managed to make pvp worse while their objective was to improve it.


Many companies are doing that such as Path of exile.
With all the stuff we buy from their shop and the battlepass, yes they kinda owe us some content more than a useless coffer and a ruining of crafting and combat.

I have played for 5 years and i noticed the direction this game was taking about two years in. The aspect of survival and having to play to achieve things has been slowly diminished year by year and i hate it. This game used to be way more challenging and interesting, you had to have specific armor for cold and warm climates, you could gather resin only from the trees in Highlands, you actually had to play. There are so many things that have been taken away from the game experience that i can’t even list them all here right now. Now it’s just running around and basically getting everything by snapping your fingers. World bosses are a joke, before you had to be lvl 60 to open the chests which was great. You had to come by with the weapons you could make or received from loot drops. Now you go an hit the boss a couple of times and before you know it you have a stash full of weapons on your first day on a server.

The fighter thralls used to have huge differences and it mattered which one you tried to get. Dalinsia had a huge amount of HP compared to others and was hard to get. Now you can just buy her. Doesn’t matter though since they have been nerfed and are basically cut from the same cloth. I’ve compared them a lot and there’s not much difference anymore. And after the authority update they are useless in base defense, a naked player can kill them by himself, so…

And then there’s the possibility to buy everything just by killing a couple of rocknoses. I harvested a few of them and i got 2 Dalinsias, 2 workers, 5 tons of steel, 4 tons of iron and tons of other stuff. There’s absolutely no point in this kind of gameplay. If someone want’s to play like this it’s fine by me, but we should have options on official servers. There should be some with the original settings and without all of these nerfs so players could play properly once again on officials.


I’m not talking about paid content when I say “free updates”, obviously. Stuff like sorcery, Kurak’s dungeon, treasure rooms, etc. were free. The fact that there’s also paid content doesn’t make the free updates less free.

So Path of Exile gets 6+ hours of new playable content every day? I somehow doubt that. That’s the rate dedicated gamers consume content.
It’s also a curious comparison, considering how it’s another Tencent-owned game with a HUGE (cosmetic) microtransaction shop.

With all the stuff we buy from their shop and the Battlepass, they owe us the stuff we buy from the shop and Battlepass. Just because I buy my groceries at a local supermarket doesn’t mean they owe me a free home delivery, or a car wash. That’s how “buying things” works. Everything else we get, be it sorcery or treasure room or whatever, is a bonus.


So i listed a few things i feel have gone wrong in this game.

  1. Fighter stats, there are no special thralls anymore. There used to be a time when you got the best from purges, in fighters as in crafters or you had to work to get them from the world. Not anymore. Also they are too weak without authority attribute, worthless base defenders.

  2. The materials (and thralls/weapons) are way too easy to get, the option to buy them should be removed.

  3. The boss chest weapons are too easy to get, should be lvl 60 for the chests again or the bosses should be harder to kill.

  4. The player receives too much damage compared to NPC’s.

  5. The instant stamina regen is nonsense. You had to calculate how and when to attack based on your stamina, no it doesn’t matter.

  6. Diminishing the armor climate bonuses, there was a time when you had to have different armors for different climates, as should be.

  7. Goes without saying, the harvest rates are ridiculous.

  8. The player character does WAY too much concussive damage. Just a couple of swings to knock out the toughest fighters… Bleh. Makes also upgrading truncheons pointless.

  9. I feel the attributes are a bit unbalanced, you are either a fighter or not. And when not, you just don’t measure up. That forces players either to run away from fights, max out HP and strength or play PvE. I for one don’t build the character for fighting since i don’t care about it, but that means i can’t challenge attackers since i die of one hit even with over 1200 armor equipped against a naked player. That just isn’t balanced.

  10. Everything special and unique seems to disappear from the game, thrall stats i mentioned before and other things. Aspect of the Demon helmet was a great addition to thrall armor, now it’s just a basic headgear. And for what? Everything is taken away from defending while the ones who attack get buffed up with all kinds of things. It’s easier just to hide your stuff and let them raid the base.

  11. Thrall breaking time is the most ridiculous thing that has happened to this game. A hour for a T4, seriously. It doesn’t matter anymore when you start the breaking process, you don’t need to hide the wheel anywhere… Just nonsense. And taskmasters are pointless as well now. You had to find a T4 taskmaster before so you could speed up the process and get the thrall out relatively safe, but now…

  12. NPC’s return to their spot after they stop chasing you and their HP and concussion bars fill up instantly. That makes the blunted arrows useless and they were great for knocking out a thrall from a safe spot if there were too many to handle otherwise.

  13. One of the biggest things affecting raiding is the ability to place the explosive jars just like any other placeable. You had to place them carefully on an even surface or they would be knocked down before. Now you can just snap them let’s say on a ramp. You could build your base in a way so it was hard to be bombed but now it’s just pointless. This is again one example of how things are taken away from defending side while attackers have it easy.

  14. The light around the character. What?? When it’s dark and you don’t have a torch it’s supposed to be dark.

That’s not all but these are the things i could remember without running into them while playing. Just easier and easier by the day. There are so many things made completely pointless with these updates and it’s just sad.


Same. I left after the battlepass, bazaar, and age of sorcery update. I looked forward to the age of sorcery stuff for a LONG time. Bought the game and all DLC several years ago. Bought all new DLC as soon as it hit every time. They they crapped on the players and game with the BP and $$$ Shop.

I would be willing to at least reinstall when they fix the bugs but every time I check there is no bug fixes. It just gets worse.

I was also very interested in the dune game (before the AOS update) but at this point would certainly never play any funcom game ever really unless they turn this one around, get rid of the BP, and get rid of the crom shop entirely.