An offer for the Game Developer that requires a minimum of effort and gives the maximum return

Gentlemen, I have already come with indignations. And now I have come with an offer.
I’ve talked to a lot of old players and they miss the old Conan.

And so we came up with a proposal.
Why not make a “setup option” when creating a server \ User \ Official

Just a tick that returns the former “Stamina” As it was before, with a delay before recovery.

In turn, without enabling this option, people will be on pve servers with an “unlimited number”, as they are now.

Nothing will change for pve, and Pvp in the game is DEAD, It can bring Pvp back to life.
And this means the return of the players. And hence the profit.

Admit that a good POPULAR game is not sold regularly with a 75% discount+
It’s time to change something, and this is the little thing that can be made. This will be something for which the players will say THANK YOU! They will have a choice!

There are only advantages from this offer.
Or what prevents you from doing so?

The tone of this post is not what I’d consider helpful.

However, I do support the proposal: Add an option to revert the stamina changes.


And add the actions counter mechanics that spawns the purge inevitably. New Stygian purge + old purge spawn mechanics = perfection.

I have wonderful news for you. Change these values in your ServerSettings.ini file:





And it will revert the stamina regeneration closer to what it used to be. Still won’t be able to get full combos in without a grit investment, but with how much damage players deal and with how much health NPCs have, its not too bad.

Completely reverting to the old system is not so simple. That which is simple is already doable with the above settings, but the high stamina costs of weapon swings is controlled by every weapon on an individual basis. Having an on/off switch to change every weapon in the game is not feasible.

All i will say here is this…

so they could release the old version of the game from a few years ago before these pointless updates pseudo-repairing potions that are now useless with all the old locations for building because let’s agree now on places to build for pvp which is good, maybe two places the rest can be flown in with a bat and bypass all the fortifications

Oh FFS, games change. PvP was dead prior to AoW due to skybases and other exploits, the set up where grind and numbers matter above skill, and just the general principles that you entire goal is to chase opponents off the server.

What makes pvp dead is that the design of it never evolved to something that is less toxic and more engaging to new players. Catering to the old mainstay didn’t grow numbers as the player base promised it would. The pining for the old days is biased because there were the same exploits and the same general weaknesses against new players. What was different was a different type of player in the beginning that was forced out by the win-at-all-costs folks and natural attrition as new games got the attention. Going back to earlier revisions will only bring out older exploits but it will still be dead because you are still winning at all costs and chasing people off the server. The trick is how to encourage players to not be toxic in the game. Figure that out and pvp numbers would shoot up again.

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RUST is arguably a good game, clearly it’s popular. 60-75% off prior to Black Friday and during.

Here’s an even steeper discount: GTA V is a good game, the most popular game in history, is selling for $14.99 (75% off) including Criminal Enterprises Pack. Subtract the Pack, at $10 value, and the base game is $4.99, down from $59.99. What’s that, 92% off? This sale is not only Black Friday, I’ve tracked it periodically on Steam almost all year.

So I’m not sure what point you were trying to make.


Which version exactly? The one where animals made lots of noise? Before thralls? Before horses? Before the armor temperatures were changed? Before Siptah? There wouldnt be funcom servers because of compatibility so would private servers take up the load and if so, whats to stop someone from making a mod to make the experience you want now?

If you state the version you would like, I’m sure every person who has wanted an old version will be in total agreement, don’t you?

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I’ve done it. I’ve set up a server with a version from 2020 first. Tryhards destroyed the population. Abusing 1h sword animation cancel and people got fed up by it.

Then I did a 2nd approach, with a server from 2019. Again tryhards destroyed the population by killing key people (streamers) when they were moving loot to build a base.

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If it’s that simple, then let the PVP servers, the official ones, do so lol.
It’s just a button that changes one value!

Since you are such a philosopher, come up with not only a topic of discussion, but think about these very solutions.

It can be said directly that skill used to influence accuracy on servers where there is no “Auto-strike”, but now there are none. Because… because it’s not interesting when they roll away from you.

The endless game of catch-up is boring.

Rust is a popular game, but the gameplay in it is toxic. It is exactly what they call discounts into it. The number of cheaters in GTA 5, let’s remember.
Discounts on popular games like DARK SOULS, approximately… 20? the maximum percentage.

God, the version where “Instant Stamina Regeneration” appeared

That is why such players mostly play against the same True hard players.

And usually in the arena.

In a single-player game, this parameter cannot be changed.
And it is not known what else funk has tied on it. And what will break if you change it.

The problem is that any coded solution to the underlying issues would also be exploited as well. I have come to the acceptance that every type of PVP or actually competition in general requires good ethics from the players and if they aren’t there, the cheaters, the exploiters and the generally toxic playstyle dominates while those with ethics simply move on. You can have all the rules in the world but if a player is just concerned about winning at all costs and not within the realm of fair gameplay, its a done deal and the competition decays into just a sad excuse of roleplaying the very worst in people.

If this game isn’t about competitive play (and lets be clear it isn’t since no one seems to give a rats behind over KPD or any other metric to determine if they are getting better in the game and any attempt to ask for this the community lashes back as ‘CE isn’t that type of game’) , then the game is about having fun with others. If others are not having fun, the purpose of the game is ruined. So what has happened to CE (at least from the PS perspective) is about 100 or so toxic players have dominated the entire playstyle on officials and rotate around the servers spreading their type of play. It works for them and they are all happy but everyone else isn’t and they left.

If you’re on PC you can. Just go to \Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ and you’ll find the file ServerSettings.ini

Its literally the settings for what they describe. StaminaOnConsumeRegenPause is for when you do something that consumes stamina and how long (in seconds) before it starts regenerating. It defaults to 0.1 seconds which is near instant. 1.0-1.5 makes it similar to what it was before. StaminaOnExhaustionRegenPause is the delay in seconds before you regenerate stamina after going below 0 stamina (the exhaustion penalty). Again this is defaulted to 0.1 seconds which is near instant. I recommend changing this to around 3.5-5.0.

I’ve done pretty extensive testing on this and it exactly what is stated. These settings weren’t put in there by accident. They were literally placed there for us to adjust to our personal preferences. Whether it be for us in Singleplayer or for server owners wanting to change the experience to their preference.

I keep saying it all the time on this forum that they should hook up different settings and datatables to different server difficulty settings.

Maybe I want the purge to be launched by actions bar or maybe I want enemy NPCs to have good sight and hearing so they can actually spot me from far away.

But it wont happen as they don’t have the manpower currently. We need to molest them painfully once the Dune is finished :wink: unless we all switch to Dune :rofl: