Every designer should get into the server and play the game

Look what you’ve done, now in battle, players no longer need to walk,you just need to repeat the roll and attack,the gaming experience is simply awful,do you guys never play your own games?
If you don’t make changes, the number of players in the game will decrease significantly in six months.many of my friends didn’t like this version and left the game


The system we have is because they played the game extensively for the last few months, specifically in PVP with one another.

You all wanted them to play their own game. Age of War is the result of that.


Which speaks volumes lol


Imagine how mad OP will be when they find out the devs do play the game, and made this change to match how they play

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That can be done right now. Change the following values:


To something like:


In your ServerSettings.ini file.

You don’t get to dodge roll forever, and if you try, you don’t get to attack. You also will get hit with a hefty penalty if you go to 0 Stamina by accident.


The only people I ever see complaining about the current combat settings are people who like to grief other players and no longer can. Tell me I’m wrong.

Your complaint is that combat sucks because players can now dodge your attacks and get away? Hmm…

What’s the other complaint? You can’t kill them with one hit, and they can return fire? LOL.

ROFLOL yeah, they’ve never heard that threat before. I bet you think the oceans are rising because of Ice melting. lol.

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Calling mentally ill to people who play on officials doesn’t help making your case @Jimbo . It’s just offensive.


Well…just because both are true in my case doesn’t mean causality.


Why? They want to have fun when playing just like anyone else.

You also cannot fully test the game on trial servers used for advertising.

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Because now the way of fighting has become very one-dimensional

I don’t like the current stamina at all, and I play strictly SP. I will never ever get close to PVP.

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If you play singleplayer, then you can change up some settings to get the stamina to work the way you want it to. Its a very modular system.


You’re wrong. Some people complain because they need to adapt to change but they’re unable or unwilling to do so. In other words, they’re losing fights, and rather than learn the new system, they blame it.

I’m sure the current settings could benefit from some tweaks, such as penalizing complete stamina depletion a little more - but other than that, I find combat a lot more dynamic and fluid than before. Admittedly, I’ve always been Dodgy Dodgersson’s first cousin, rather than facetanking with heavy armor, so the changes enhance my favorite playstyle rather than restrict it.

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And some people complain because the changes made combat too easy and uninteresting. As long as you don’t get into negative stamina inadvertently, something easy if you’re used to manage your stamina, you can trivialize all content. It’s almost as having infinite stamina plus hyper armor when you roll at the right time. Basically, this system made the player invincible if he has a little skill.


I can’t remember the last time I’ve died fighting anything in the game before the AoW update, and I’ve soloed all content in the game. So as far as I’m concerned, this was already true.

(That said, just last week I got stuck between my idiot horse and Rockslide, so the game can still kill you if you’re being careless and stupid. I take that as a lesson to be learned.)

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I’m not saying I don’t enjoy being this OP, but it gets tiresome after a while, @Kapoteeni . Everything becomes a chore.
I don’t get bummed because of the stamina system because I hardly find people to play pvp in PS EU servers. Playing PVE… it’s a matter of preference. I prefered the old system, but I can live with the new.
IF I regularly played PVP, I would be pissed beyond measure though.

My only challenge is going to farm dangerous areas by myself (no follower of course) with full encumbrance build and 0 vitality.

Basically by being over-encumbered I nerf my dodge, and I also only have Steel Thewed to replace vitality.
Yeah, with that build, the slow dodge makes fighting dungeon bosses a tad bit more interesting. Just did the Midnight Grove and the last boss still couldn’t hit me despite this… (Also special thanks to mobs in this dungeon who for whatever reason walked past me instead of attacking me, trying to reach behind me where there was nothing :theworst: :clown_face:)

Honestly I might run this build all the time because it makes fights a bit less easy, but just a bit…
Imagine soloing every world boss you find on your way with 0 vitality, while being over encumbered, and without even considering whether you should take that fight or not… It’s just how easy it is. You know the very few attack patterns of enemies and you’re good to go, because you just have to dodge and even while over-encumbered you still get your stamina back way too fast…

I shouldn’t be able to solo Rockslide with a Spear (one of the weapons I played the least) just because I can dodge for free all day and I’m not even trying. There should be a threat, and there isn’t. I have Steel Thewed to avoid getting one shot, I have Rolling Thrust for damage + free Stamina, and that’s all you need to make the whole game trivial.


Yes, but with steell thewed you only die if you really screw up, like not taking enough aloe potions or something, @SpherisCore . Other than that, you can take 4 hits from anything. With stamina that high, you can roll out, run and easily heal.

That bull at the end of midnight grove must be a pain to beat with that build, though. You need to time its openings well. I haven’t went there since the last age dropped…

I took a screenshot of your comment in another thread, so probably I won’t forget to change the delays. Again. Thanks. :smile:

Let me tell ya a story.

I’ve been playing in the inn keeper clothes for a while; big carry bonus. Was doing the challenges; had 20 built up before I get to the big bonuses, white tiger challenge. Easy enough I’d been leveling up Mia the blade{?} so charged in, forgot I was in street cloths. whap whap, dead :scream_cat:

Mia got him but no XP and I didn’t get the challenge.

So I’m going to say the game is naked easy once you level up. I’ve quite literally been playing 90% of the time in street clothes. Is this really how easy Conan should be?

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