Your balancing changes have changed the game, but for the worst

The newest updates for the game seem to touch on every facet of the game experience, and for the most part, they seem to be good additions and positive changes down the board, except for in the aspects of combat balancing.

I’m referring, specifically to combat balancing, against NPCs, against enemies, and most likely against bosses. (though I wouldn’t know, considering what I’m about to get into)

The enemies have essentially become slice-, chop-, pierce-, and thud-sponges, no matter which difficulty the game is played on. They can take anywhere from 7 to 10 FULL COMBOS to kill, which, at least the way I see it, though it’s not necessarily DIFFICULT to take on, it seems to completely change the flow of combat, and in doing so, changing the flow of gameplay in general. I may be completely capable of defeating an enemy, given enough time and effort, but why SHOULD I? It’s going to take 3 or so minutes to kill them, all the while they could probably manage to accomplish the same goal in less than 20 seconds.

It’s taken any interest I may have had in combat, and completely removed it. Fighting seems like a chore now, and in much a different way than it used to seem, and, most importantly, it just isn’t FUN anymore, and the way I see it, why should I waste my time on a game that I simply don’t enjoy?

I know the argument of, “well, just play singleplayer and tweak it”, and I get it, but single-player is just… lonely and depressing. If I wanted to be lonely and depressed, I wouldn’t be playing a game at all. The point is, all of the servers that I would ever want to play on are using these default combat parameters and if I want to play multiplayer, it seems that my only choice is simply to never touch combat again, which would just take away half of the fun once again.

So I’m asking, please, can we see some rollbacks on the combat statistics? No AI change rollbacks or anything, just make combat less gruelling again?

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Maybe its different when levelling but as a geared 60 combat was 1-2 shot almost everything except bosses and you were almost unkillable. These changes made it better so its not just walking over everything being bored, the need to think about what you are doing because you can actually die now has made it much more fun again

They changed some weapons’ hitboxes. I have no specifics on this and I have seen another thread on this being an issue.

If you have any valuable details on your device, region, server type, gamemode etc. let us know.

Which enemies have become 7-10 full combos to take out?

Certainly not regular mobs like the npcs in the mounds, or sabretooths, or wolves or even elephants. 2 spear combos will take out all of the above - even a touch under 2.

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