I like new combat

Yea, Yea. I know that will face waves of disagreement and misunderstanding - greet mee with boos and hisses. But new combat feels refreshing. Now you need to think and move during combat, not just look at enemy and Lclick, Lclick, Lclick. World bosses now feel more dangerous and that is good.

The only bad thing is that combat change wasn’t anounsed in test client - and this change was provided like cold shower.

What I believe that players that are get used to old combat should give it a chanse and test it a bit more.

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The simplicity of the mouse controller means it looks like a dead horse, out back.

You can reset a few setting to get something similar back; that never should have been changed, it’s like you love DrPepper, but the store is out and offers you DrThunder. Similar but certainly not the same.

But this is the sort of thing funcom is best at. Changing things no one wanted changed, only worsening game play for many, then tell us to suck it up, give an excuse why they had to do it, then not revert it when an over whelming majority of players want it back.

I just so look forward to this same crap when Dune gets released.

I suggest to not buy Dune.

Funcom has never changed over the years, since their first MMO Anarchy online.

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No worries and nothing can be 100% negative. You positives are what I keep telling myself. My problem is the boost to npc and monsters with this change. And their boost doesn’t affect our thralls so we can’t even go back to the ancient times of ce Pokemon style as our thralls get wrecked as well I lost a level 19 berserker to a 3 T3 stygians and his replacement lost a 1v1 battle with one of the storm events fighters each time I’m just trying to save myself as my successful hit ratio plummeted to 40%

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