This is how bad stamina changes are

Infinity roll lmao. There was nothing wrong before just increase stam for daggers if they so worried about dagger spam, dagger spammers get bodied by so many other weapons lol.

Please don’t let this go live you’ll just ruin the game more. Like the take goomba out but then ruin the game :skull: they can never get it right it’s so weird


Old dodge is back :laughing:!

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Old dodge? Wdym?

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Dorpie, Dorpie, what’s wdym, is it “what do you mean” , or i have to Google it? Give me a break man, i am “tofts”

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Yes, wdym = what do you mean. So what do you mean with “old dodge is back” ;p

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When i started the game back in 2019 we had this option with the dodge system. The only differences i see is now
1 it’s faster
2 less distance
3 i suppose we cannot dodge encumbered.

One thing is certain however. With this dodge you can avoid fights again. So… Do they seek return of pve players in pvp severs?

So, above title. I only just now managed to download the test server thing to test the Age of War.

As a sorcerer player, I am not impressed. In fact I am legitimately agitated. How the hell am I supposed to even defend myself? Like, at all?
The very maul that us sorcerers can even summon! For us sorcerers to use! That we can’t give to anyone else!
I can’t even use it! One swing and my stamina is completely gone! How. In the world. Am I going to ever defend myself like this? I can’t even use the daggers or the likes! Two swings and my stamina’s empty and it takes a good 2-3 seconds for my stamina to start refilling.

And no. ‘Use thralls/zombies lmao’ is not a good response. Holy shit, I should at least be able to /slightly/ hold my ground.

“But you made the sacrifice lol” is a ■■■■■■ way to excuse deliberately hurting us for this.
Sorcery already hurts enough as it is, with how ineffective it is (Okay, maybe the lightning or horde might see marginal usefulness in these incoming purge sieges, but not likely). We’re already irreparably punished in our health and stamina for daring to use this poorly implemented (if neat looking) system.

Why are you hurting us more?

And also, no. “bUT mUh lOrE” is also a ■■■■■■ excuse to make horrendous balancing/game designing decisions like this.

I’m just frustrated and angry. Frustrated with what was offered in the Age of Sorcery, and now angry that we’re being directly, legitimately punished for taking part in it.


It’s kind of buried in another topic, but there are options. There are now 2 predatory weapons which are more suited for sorcerers. I do admit, it does suck you can no longer do combos, but you aren’t defenseless and it will take some playing around with legendaries and stat combos and almost relearning how to fight.

edit: abyssal armor or light armor is HIGHLY recommended. I have another topic that details the effect of armor class, weight and max stam on stamina exhaustion regen delay.

I can’t tell if that’s reassuring or depressing beyond belief. No longer can I build how I want, instead, to be even remotely competent, I can’t deviate from this, and I’m forced to spam, ad nauseum, just… Alt + right click?

No change or thought whatsoever, just… roll+HA spam to hell and back?

Edit: **Oh come on, even casting a spell takes stamina now?! What the hell? This is legitimately just getting worse and worse :confused: **


Alright, go S or A VG in Abyssal armor you will have 107 stamina which is enough to do the following:

1H sword Full LA combo, Full HA combo
1H mace Full LA combo, Full HA combo
1H axe Full LA combo, First 3 HA
1H shortsword Full LA combo, Full HA combo
Dagger Full LA combo, full HA combo
Spear Full LA combo, First 3 HA
Hammer Full LA combo, First 3 HA
2h Sword Full LA combo, First 3 HA
Great axe Full LA combo, First 3 HA
Katana Full LA combo, First 3 HA

Stamina regen delay on exhaustion in Light armor with 107 stam will be about 1.25 seconds, but because you are wearing the top armor and can achieve the highest damage not many things will survive a full LA combo or partial HA combo. Also, if you don’t exhaust yourself there’s only a .1 second delay before stamina starts regening.

I’m not gonna say that these changes are good for sorcery, I’m just saying that most NPCs are scaled to die in a combo or less from a normal legendary weapon and sorcery gets the best armor and can still use any of the above weapons to delete most content.

Another thing I’m noticing:

Golems are not sturdy against even the most basic fighter NPC and not doign anywhere near the damage they were before.
My zombies are taking more damage as well, and they did literally nothing to a fighter’s healthbar.

So all in all, yes. Having thralls is now absolutely useless even as a sorcerer. Cool. I am praying to God that this is just some bug -_-

For Power.

We made the sacrifice for power, and here we are finding ourselves somehow even weaker than we were before we gave our souls in a dark bargain for…what now?

Mobs hit harder, our Demonmonkeys and Zombies did not get armor buffs. Why would I take either of those when a fully armored and armed CimmyBerk is way more effective at lower levels.

Den wants to sit there and say “you made the choice, you should spec Grit and get +Stam armor”

Yeah, choice Den. CHOICE.

As Sorcerers we shouldn’t be shoehorned into having any mandatory builds. Heck, as players we shouldn’t be shoehorned into mandatory builds PERIOD. The most fun aspects about games are where players are given the freedom of choice and it just seems like grit builds are being crammed down our throats just so we can function on a basic level. If we as players organically decide the meta, so be it, but you as the devs should not be dictating the meta to us.

BUT if this is the direction you want to go FC, I’ll play ball. I’ll offer suggestions instead of just whining like I normally do.

  1. Give us a corrupted Grit line. Perk 1 - Profane Endurance - All stamina costs for attacking are reduced by half. Perk 2 Empowered Bloodshed - A portion of all damage taken is restored to you as stamina. Perk 3 - Unholy Power - Your attacks cause 15% more damage when your current stamina is at 50% or less. Perk 4 - Demonic Fortitude - Incoming damage is reduced by 20%

  2. Buff our Unnatural Followers. I don’t care which path you take. Add in a boost to Demon Lord. Naturally give them better stats and progression. Whatever. Just make them viable.

  3. Fix Zombie Horde so our minions don’t treat them like shiny objects and attack them. Adjust Demon Lord to just have the demons as non-hostile temporary allies since the AI is so broken on Testlive that they don’t attack you anyways when all other threats are cleared.

  4. For the love of Pete, more spells please. You know my posting history, I’ve given thematic examples that don’t involve balls of fire or magic missiles.

Please, FC, I’m begging you, lets put a big golden cap on the Age of Sorcery and really make it shine.


Feel like these listed corrupted perks are actually reasonable.
My opinion on this whole topic is that funcom is royally ■■■■■■■■ over corrupted builds and its confusing cause they haven’t been in game long and aren’t op.
The current sacrifice for going corrupted is acceptable and you can function but with age of war I fear im no longer going to enjoy playing corrupted builds. The penalty is now far too high.

Feel like the only way to make corrupted builds still function would either be grit perks like the ones posted above or to make corruption just not cut your max stamina.

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there is a bug i think, i noticed that when half corrupted instan regen was lost for my character, and the regen stat was even lower than what we experience in actual version of the game.

I need to redo a test to confirm it

Im also a dedicated sorcery-lover and play a fully corrupted sorcerer on live. I love the fluff of corrupting my stats and playing a gimped sorcerer as long as the tradeoff is there. We are supposed to sacrifice health for power, so the power part kinda needs to be there.

I was worried for a bit but when I went to test client myself, the changes didn’t seem that bad. In fact they might even be good.

When speaking of the changes without actually trying them you see only one side of the coin. What is not said is that stamina regen is nearly instant (meaning the negative effect of running out of stamina is much lessened, and enemies have less health. I think its going to be okay overall. There is also no more exhausted state when you run out of stamina. You are simply out of stamina and thats it.

The only thing Im worried about rn is thrall health (particularly zombies) but I suspect I can live with it… AI enemies being just as stupid as ever but having lower health actually makes the game much easier. You can dance around most enemies now very easily.

I feel that we can’t have corrupted grit as such, as that could be just overpowered very easily. Devs wanted to nerf the doublejump pvp builds and they did that. Instead I would want the spells and undead followers be improved as needed/possible.

ps. The demon followers might need buffs… perhaps. At least Im never taking the 5th corrupted authority perk over well-trained. NEVER.

pps. Call of the dead and lightning storm have no purpose whatsoever, their effect is practically nonexistent and they are purely cosmetic. I feel this is not appropriate for the highest tier of spells. The wall of fire is a joke also. Ive never cast it. Ive tried lightning storm with a lightning rod golem, it didn’t change a thing. Still useless.

I would suggest turning call of the dead to a toggle that travels with you, and the zombies to actually do some kind of damage. (or there being an area poison effect or something. ) Currently they are purely cosmetic and the spell achieves nothing.


In my sorcery builds I value Balanced weapon kits pretty highly. The 30% reduction in stamina usage for attacks is the only way to stay viable against the standard SAV builds IMO. Sucks to lose out on Master weapon fittings, but you can cast spells on the fly. With stam regen at an all time high, I can’t imagine the update will be THAT bad for sorcs, but I’m on console and can’t provide feedback until it’s out. I’m curious if those who are dissatisfied with the change are utilizing the aforementioned BWKs, as on live you can actually get more attacks on some weapons than your equally Grit invested non corrupted counterpart (assuming 20% corrupted - which I think is optimal).

Either FUNCOM readjusts these values or they’ll be worthless.

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Well that complicates things quite a bit. Hopefully that is a bug an not an intentional change.

You did not have this spam dodge back then. U had further rolls but less. You also had a punishment if you stammed out wich is non existing now.


That’s why i said it’s faster. But we were covering the double distance naked and our stamina was going full immediate , so if you really calculate everything it’s almost the same, or at least a bit similar, now it’s just spammy . I really liked the penalty, it made you play less reckless.i still try to play with stamina over 50% no matter what i do. Back then, stamina loss was 90% death.
Do you remember the silly dodge of the heavy armor :joy:?
Almost nobody was playing heavy for this dodge. Medium was the king back then.
Thanks for the rollback @dorpie, beautiful days :+1:t6: