Balanced Weapon Fitting only reduces cost by 1 Stamina on LA and 2 on HA

Game mode (Singleplayer)
Game type (PvE)
TestLive client (Steam, Age of War)

Issue: After applying a balanced weapon fitting to a weapon the stamina reduction is so minimal it cannot be intentional. On LA it is 1 and on HA it is 2. Maybe when light attacks cost 4 stamina this would be great, but a 1h sword LA costs 20 stamina, so 1 stamina doesn’t even play the same game as a spiked or a damage fitting.

Weapons tested: iron war axe, iron spear, iron sword, glimmermoon

I bet I can go through every weapon and achieve the same results, let me know if that is necessary.

Steps to replicate:

  1. acquire any weapon
  2. swing your weapon and notice the stamina drain
  3. apply the balanced weapon fitting
  4. swing your weapon again and notice the stamina drain is now 1 less on LA and 2 less on HA
  5. technically it does reduce stamina cost so yay?

Wow bro, i did the exact same steps before i even came on here and i was dumbfounded because i used that weapon fitting kit ont THE SWORD OF CROM, and the stamina reduction with light attacks is NOTHING… maybe 1 if that… so i scoured the net thinking i did something wrong, and i saw your post and i was blown away… What is the point of stamina reduction if it doesnt reduce the stamina at all… in other words i feel you… i was kinda pissed. and still am… now im looking for a way to remove it, or go get another sword and add a different effect to it. i dont think i will ever use the stamina reduction in my life again…

That wasn’t only me, I see.

Stamina per blow was 3-9 and now 10-40.

If we want to keep a coherence with the new stamina costs, with balanced fitting LA reduction should be at least 4 (33% rounded up) and HA reduction should be at least 9 (22% rounded up), or 10 if we consider it to be a 25% reduction for ease of use.

This would make the balancing kits more useful for full time corrupted sorcerers. (Actually, corruption wasn’t a big hindrance for sorcerers, as for PvE at least).

Overall, the balancing kit was almost useless but could now be way more useful.

You actually DID do something wrong…
And this post is about the beta version of the game that isn’t yet released, not the one that you’re most likely playing right now.

The Sword of Crom deliberately uses all your stamina no matter what you do with it so those modification kits were not meant for that.

I think it can use more than you have, so it’s absolutely worst on someone with corruption. It actually takes longer to recover from if you use it when lower on stamina. They did explain that you can go into the negatives and that causes a longer recovery.

This I did not know. Is there a source I can check out? It would definitely explain why running out while dodging regens faster than swinging a 2h sword, you can literally run for almost 2 seconds in heavy armor before it even starts regening, a negative stamina value would make sense.

Yes, it’s capped at -50, so nothing too crazy

Sword of Crom was changed btw in that regard. Currently in AoS the stamina cost of a swing is 2500 / 3750 to ensure it uses up the full bar, in AoW though it’s reduced to 130 / 210 so you actually have a chance to not deplete all your stamina when swinging.

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