Is it just me or has the game gotten super easy

I like your idea better. I was just trying to keep the progression going, but it makes more sense as you put it.

Legendaries would just make life easier all around. There’s no need to justify them based on difficulty. We did enough. We suffered enough. Now it’s time for the catharsis! That’s how I see it, anyway.


Easy? I’m getting killed 24/7 I need assistance :joy:

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Make a clip of a fight and send it to me through psn, @Marylambs . We’ll see what’s the problem.

Edit: why are you doing the fighting? Send @jmk1999 ! :laughing:

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@Marylambs is better than she likes to believe. I think she lacks confidence in herself over it. She does just fine when I’m around. Often I’m the one that gets killed. Though more than likely, it’s because I’m the one that usually takes the aggro. :rofl:


She’s just being modest then. :blush:


This instantly played in my head :rofl:

More seriously if you need advice on how to fight any NPC or group of NPC go ahead and ask, like @MarcosC said we’re here to provide if needed. Though you may enjoy the struggle as well, all your choice in the end :+1:

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I disagree with you on this one. I love it that I can now get a legendary at lvl 5 or 10. This is my reward for being able to kill a world boss so early and it feels good. I’ve always hated standing in front of those legendary chests with a bag full of keys being unable to receive my reward only because I’m too low level. I’ve killed a boss I wasn’t expected to, I’m holding the damn key in my hand, and yet the chest is too shy to open? Dumb artificial limitation.

Problem is bosses are too easy - this is the part that needs fixing.

Agree that the problem is the difficulty compared to the power level of the reward.

I don’t know how it was in the beginning of the game, but since I play you always could, @ReinRaus .

I thought spiders were hard because when I was a noob one killed one of my thralls. So I avoided them. I used to go for a sand reaper hive queen instead.

Then @stelagel told me spiders were preferable.
We were playing together and I convinced him to go for a hive queen,
The one between the Black Galeon and the Northen cliffs, East of the Savanah.
My idea was going strp by step. We were doing a challenge. We couldn’t craft anything. By anything I mean nothing at all. Not even a campfire or a tool. We had to loot it all.

I don’t remember which weapons we had, but probably some stolen very low level gear. So, after convincing Stelios, we went there instead of going for a spider. “Come dude, this is easy. It’s what I always do!”, “Are you sure, Marcos? Spiders are really easy”, “Yeah, I’m sure, let’s go!”

Well, everything was working fine until I went for the hive queen. Two sand reapers weren’t there, it seemed to me. Either they spawn later or they weren’t where they were supposed to be. The last yellow ones. I didn’t see them. So, I went for the queen and the two bastards got me by surprise. Somehow I got stuck and at a very low level the hive queen will kill you in a heartbeat.

As we couldn’t craft anything, I didn’t even have a bedroll, so I went straight to the desert, while Stelios was left fighting two or three reapers and the queen alone, with crap weapons that barelly scratched them.
“How are you doing mate? Hang in there, I’m coming as fast as I can”
" Arrgh! Malaka! I’m doing finee, argh!" Stelios is Greek and the most fun guy you can ever play with. When I got there he had killed what there was to kill. I was laughing my pants off.
“So, shall we go for the Spider now, Marcos?”.

Lesson learned. Then it took one fight. One. After I saw how easy spiders were, they became my first target. There’s NOTHING special about killing a world boss of this level.

Sure, there can always be a screw up, but you can go for any spider, huve queen, giant croc and you’ll kill them easily. At any level with stone weapons.
What’s there to be rewarded about?

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Not getting stuck in the crocodile’s head is the one skillful thing about the fight. Others? Nah too easy XD


Yup. Exactly, @SpherisCore . That’s the only thing you need to worry about when fighting the big croc. His attacks are always telegraphed, which makes it easier. But spiders beat them all when it comes to easiness. It’s ridiculously so.

So true! Online gaming has this “risk”, we see different things than the ones that happening at the time, ending up dead not even knowing how???
2 days ago i went in a new server with a new character (again :rofl:) to meet some old friends and join their clan to help them with some dungeons, especially the sunken city. I was lvl 14 already killed the crock boss and going to the sinkhole obelisk to meet a member to join the clan. I killed the Rock noses too on the way and outside of the summoning place i will skip the Kudo… Why…
The Kudo came from behind like a train and killed me before i could react :man_facepalming::rofl:.
Yes the Kudo teach me the lesson :rofl::rofl:.
But it’s getting better, i went back to take my things and it killed me again :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Yes, me and the guys on the group laughed so hard and the teasing i accepted the rest of the day was all the money!
Johnny said please mr steel let me kill it, i said NO that’s my fight, yes the Kudo, i will chop it’s fkng head and you’ll place it over my bed, period. Ofcurce after the Kudo i killed every single boss i found in my way, but this Kudo is now in history for me. I know that i will be forever be teased for this one, or i will mention it as the ultimate slayer of Conan exiles :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
But this is online gaming, when it comes to lag there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it…
Or one thing. Laugh and enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:.
Marcos, i really miss these days m8, thanks a million, it was fckg awesome :metal:.


Managing it without a screw up was perhaps the biggest achievement. I know it’s not much and I understand your point, but the root cause is still that bosses are too easy. And they are easiest at level 60, so why are you rewarded then?

Additionally, killing a few ordinary NPCs may dress me from head to toe, but killing a world boss gives me nothing only because I’m not level 60. Don’t like it. Finally a nice feature of the game is rewarding at any time of a playthrough. I admit it’s overrewarding as it is right now, but it’s still better than receiving nothing.

We had great times, didn’t we? We’ll have to play together one of these days!

I’m laughing hard now! Killed by an efing Kudo! :rofl:
You, a guy that can solo a Rockslide, killed by a Kudo! And you want its head as a trophy over your bed! :rofl:
You had to be lagging like crazy for a Kudo to kill you twice! :rofl:

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Well, that’s what happens 99% of the times.
My suggestion is not artificially locking chests. It’s making wb virtually impossible to kill before reaching a certain weapon tier. BUT we akways find loopholes, like cheesing them with a bow as long as arrows could hurt them. That’s why I suggested locking legendary weapons behind a step. If that isn’t done, we’ll find a way to kill them and get legendaries too early.
Of course it would be better simpky to add them a decent AI, phases, etc. But that’s not gonna happen, so we would have them turning back to dmg sponges, something which would make fighting them even with legendaries very boring.
Thus, my suggestion. I know it isn’t ideal, but it would make cradting relevant. It’s one step better than locking them before a certain level.

I’m not arguing against your suggestion. All I’m saying is that I’m happy that I can

It’s nice to be rewarded for doing something difficult, speaking in relative terms.

The problem being that it’s not difficult at all. That’s the point. The reward greatly outweighs the difficulty, @ReinRaus . :blush:

True. No argument there either. As I said, I agree it’s overrewarding. But I find it great that there is a reward at all.

I don’t know what would be the right solution to achieve balance. Could be yours, could be any of the others I saw in various threads. You guys have plenty of good ideas :+1: All I want is a decent reward for any fight I pick.

Sure ,we all do😊. But it’s the devs job to asure we don’t pick fights with world bosses too soon. That defeats the whole point of them being world bosses. So far they failed to do it.
My first fight in game is usually a world boss to get a legendary. :smile:

The PVE side of the game has gotten drastically easier in my opinion. Yesterday, I went to see what the arena champion was like after the update. I was shocked to see i killed her in around 20 seconds, 2 combos and was dead.