Is it just me or has the game gotten super easy

I like some of the changes too I feel like with a few tweaks to the stamina it would be perfect but i what I think PvE suffers from the most is the poor AI at times they aren’t the brightest and they even won’t fight back sometimes

Really I just think it would be cool if PvE felt more engaging as I enjoy both Pve and Pvp and I always liked the way this game mixed the two

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@MarcosC did mention locking Legendary Weapons in some way though.

I don’t know which approach should be taken, but we have to make it nigh-impossible to obtain Legendary Weapons at level 0, lol

Edit: Simply locking them behind level 60 also doesn’t seem to be a good design.
Bosses should be more difficult, with different rewards based on the difficulty IMO.

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You are right, I hadn’t gone there since AoW dropped. It’s still perfectly doable though.
Look: no thrall, star metal katana, a horse and 5 points in expertise to simulate a small farming run. Light armor so pvp guys don’t even need to change. No buffs, just food and ice.
THAT SAID, it’s hard. The average player needs to take a thrall and probably lose it there.
Online, all it takes is one lag spike and you are done, so your objection is not without merit.

If you notice, there’s a small building nearby you won’t fiind online. There I have one arena champion and 3 Spinas to fight, much better armed than these clowns. It may look like boasting, hell it is shameful boasting, but I’m not your average player. So, your objection stands. It is indeed hard and it might be too hard for the casual gamer. Maybe with a thrall it’s easier, but he will get wrecked.
Anyway, I went there with spawned stuff and did it just to test it. Here:

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That’s why I suggested a way of making you craft all tiers and lock legendary weapons behind a step. Surely my suggestion can be improved. :blush:

Always need those 5 points in Expertise, you can’t play anything else than combat without it :rofl:

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You can always shug a potion before going and change your build, especially now that horses are extremely good avoiding fights. They can do the carrying, but I use them anyway. :smile:
And obviously you could use better armor and weapons, but I was trying to simulate a casual gamer scenario who doesn’t know how to min/max, boost, etc. It’s doable. I’m not gonna lie. I find it easy, but I can’t set the game parameters by my standards, a mistake some people do. That’s why @Befallen objection has merit. He doesn’t know me and he was right. I hadn’t yet tested it since AoW. Those guys are hitting like trains.

What was your build in attributes btw?

Hell if I know, @SpherisCore :smile:. I just went there after spawning and kitting the gear. :smile: I can check it if you want, next time I play.
Probably a mix of agi, str, vit and exp.
It was not a carefully thought build.
I’m making some tests in single player, setting my own game (thus the little building you can see in the clip).
I know I have 5 points in exp, because usually I cut weight in the armor in the tinker’s bench and go for the second skin perk in strenght and this time I didn’t yet. :blush: I’m not playing with this armor or weapon. This was just a funny test. :smile: I have max agi. Rolling thrust shows in the clip, so that much is certain.

PvP has gotten so easy it’s ridiculous. It’s been happening little by little through the years and now we are at the point where there’s no point in playing anymore. You get everything just like that without actually having to play, thralls take two hits to knock out and one hour to break, this game is nonsense these days. Lian on lvl 10 with 600 armor and a basic steel mace kills world bosses just like that, 4x rates make sure that your containers overflow with materials after a couple of swings of a pickaxe… There’s no challenge and no reward when you get everything basically by snapping your fingers. It’s boring.


@MarcosC @Befallen I’ve made several tests and my general conclusion is that you really want some AoE weapon (which is not surprising since you are dealing with multiple enemies, including a mini-boss who is immune to hitstun)

Just an example without the OP Rolling Thrust, without a legendary weapon either:
Note, this is fully casual gameplay, I didn’t try to play optimally whatsoever and it shows!

Build was:
Strength 4 - Crushing Swings
Vitality 4 - Glutton for Punishment of course!
Grit 3
Expertise 1

Also shoutout to the aggro range who made one or two of the mobs reset their HP lmao…

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There are many ways to skin a cat. :wink:
Well done, @SpherisCore !

Leave the cats alone :catnobanana:
But I get you no worries :rofl:

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I love cats. It’s just an expression! :smile:


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Who are you?

This honestly feels a bit forced if they implemented it. I for one will craft iron dlc weapons, then go to the mounds and farm T1 and T2 fighters for Star metal weapons until I hit 60 for epics. If I had to craft every other tier, I’d be annoyed.

@jmk1999 crafting one weapon of each tier would annoy you? You probably do it to complete the battle pass…
I honestly don’t see many other options preventing us from getting legendaries early game.
Ideally, the game difficulty should be enough. Harder, but more interesting fights. This means a complete AI overhaul. If it didn’t happen until now, I doubt we ever get it.
But my suggestion is more than simply locking legendaries for early game.
It’s mainly about creating a tiered progress. The same way you have a hard time defeating the Summoning Place with stone weapons, you shouldn’t be able to clear the Den or the Black Galeon unless you had steel weapons. To clear New Asagarth, hardened steel was mandatory and so on. You couldn’t even think about defeating a world boss prior to having black ice or star metal.
That would make crafting relevant for progression. Now, you could just craft one weapon of each tier and advance to the next. Nothing would stop you from doing it, even before facing any group of fighters. It’s the principle of a needed higher technology that should become more evident, like they did with stone weapons. They were very well calibrated to fight exiles, but insufficient to fight Darfaris. I think this should be repeated along the game’s progress. That would also make some journey step rewards relevant. We skip ALL of that. We just get a legendary as soon as we leave the desert and that’s that, immediately making a huge chunk of content conpletely irrelevant.

The trailer did show a purge that had an avatar of set in it. But Sipah trailer had Avatar of Zath in it as well. We’ll see what’s this all about in chapter 2. Can’t wait.

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:metal: Bring it on :metal:.

See, I think leaving the chests locked at least until maybe 30 or 45 or higher is a better solution. I myself would be annoyed by the tier suggestion you made because early in game when I’ve played the game several times, I have a method of playing to avoid unnecessary spending of points. I only spend them on certain knowledge and hate having to redo my points until I hit 60. It’s just an inconvenience when I’d rather be grinding out my levels.

Add to that, you say you can have a legendary before you leave noob river, but I can guarantee most every noob is NOT going to fight the giant croc until they’re much higher anyway. All you’re doing is putting a halt to the leveling of seasoned players that know they can take it on with stone daggers. Those players will play the way they want to and if they want to “cheat” themselves with a legendary, that’s their choice. They can not do it if they prefer a challenge.