Official Servers PVE - Need to be more challenge

I like to play in PVE. I do not want to constantly worry about attack by other players. So I like to play in PVE. However, the PVE server could present greater challenges if the environment were more hostile. So, increase the difficulty of the environment or at least make the PVE servers all ‘Conflict’.

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I do agree with this. It’s why I play PVP mostly as the challenge is better and thralls are needed to defend against players.

My issues with the PVE servers is that without any players trying to kill you there really is no need to fortify and defend your base. I also feel that the devs focused too heavily on PVP and not enough on the environment being deadlier.

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Sadly I have to agree with this.
PvE in Cpnan Exiles offers little challenge, especially at the endgame.
Environmental effects need to more harsh.
Sandstorm like occurances for every biome.
Don’t let those occurances be easily negated by just one piece of protection that doesn’t even lose durability while protecting you.
Buff all enemies. Not just stat-wise, but also via better animations, combat-scripts, etc.

I really like the concept of Conan Exiles, but sadly tge execution is imho lacking in many aspects.


We have been playing for a couple of weeks now and I just assumed all the npc’s were bugged to be honest.
We only played a little before the moap deployed and after that it is random if you encounter an npc and it is hostile or passive.
We only play official pc pve server 1003, our base thralls seem mostly passive, we logged in one day and 5 of them were missing, the event log said they had been eaten by a crocodile. They must have stood and let him snack on them one at a time without retaliation.
I made the comment the other day that new payers must be finding this a quite unrewarding experience, you enter a camp and every npc moves towards you and does nothing, you just walk up and slaughter them.
I am trusting it will be fixed when the dev’s return from annual leave.

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