So I came back for 4 months and the game has gone flat again

Figured I would try the game out again and came back in January. At first the new content was interesting and some fun. Honestly though the addition of horses does nothing for my game play. - really.

The pokemon followers thing was fun for a bit while doing dress up but you can only level so many Dalinsia’s, Spinas’s and Ravagers to 20. It then gets boring.

I’d like to say the game has staying power but its missing something to make it a long term game. It just does not have the glue to keep me going at it. So I’ll just refresh our clan bases once again in case things get better in a year and we try again.

I wish I could pin it down as to what it is that is missing but the game is only interesting in 2 months spurts it seems.

A lot of the old irritants are still there in regards to bugs. - these are the little drops into the bucket of anger that slowly builds up such as not being able to pull a thrall and have a torch equipped.

The new armor and weapon content leaves me scratching my head as a pve player since warlord stuff is pretty useless and makes me think they do not consider how non functional it is for players aside from dressing up follower toons.

They game just feels stale again.

Welcome back to the community, @Stone-Spear.

Thanks for sharing your feedback about what you perceive to be a problem with Conan Exiles. So how would you suggest going about fixing the game? I mean, assuming you are correct and the game “feels stale again,” – if you were in charge of the developing the game, what would you do? What would make the game “fresh again”?

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Needs a party system and pug ability to do instances.

Needs more rational approach to introducing new items that work for pvp and pve in there separate way. Do not let items bleed into the two play-styles with the same characteristics that were intended for one specific group either pve or pvp.

If it really is a survival game then eliminate pve altogether or recognize that PVE is an element that generates money and stop treating it as second class players.

Game has never successfully dealt with hackers it whole existence so there is no confidence that pvp is a valid experience.- address that. How long has the under mesh complaint been going on now, months from what I have read.



Interesting your point of view, but it really is from person to person.

In my case I can’t stop playing, and it’s been 3 years (with rare breaks of a week). I always have something to do, or better saying: I always create a goal, starting from what the game gives me.

The problem is that Conan exiles doesn’t give you missions, he is very open to choosing his own course.
@Stone-Spear What could improve the game for you?


I have never seen any survival game ever deal succesfully with hackers. You name it. Rust, Ark, etc… PVP is not player against player anymore. Its who is the best exploiter. I doubt that FC will do any better against the exploiters than the rest of the games

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What would that accomplish? I only play PVE, so for players like me it would eliminate us from the game altogether. There is a clear choice, and having PVE servers does not change anything on PVP servers. Of course it generates money, and they know that. The only ones I see treating us as second class players is other players in these forums, you know who I mean… the ones who look down on PVE players and act all snobby and superior.


I think I understand what you mean. Here’s some food for thought: if you can’t pin it down as to what is missing - maybe there isn’t anything that’s missing. It’s only natural that after some time, the same game starts to feel boring. There’s nothing wrong with that feeling, and it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with the game either. It just means that we want some variety. More variety than any single game could possibly provide.

It’s fine to take a longer break, play some other games, then get back to Conan Exiles and play it until you feel like you’d rather play something else. Take another break, play some other games, and then return to Conan Exiles again.

The decay system unfortunately makes taking longer breaks a bit harder because you still need to log in every now and then to refresh your counters. This in turn starts to feel like a chore in the long run, and that has a psychological impact to us - it leads us into thinking of the game itself as a chore, even though it’s really a chore only when we’re not actively playing it. But nevertheless it can cause us a negative feeling towards the game.

Hopefully this perspective helps you.


It’s been over two years since the official release of the game and many technical issues persist both in bugs and performance. This is probably as good as it’s going to get in that regard. The more time that passes, the less profitable it becomes for Funcom to invest time in it. I hope they prove me wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

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