Mussagana Must Learn to Recycle

would it increase the contingent of players?

But it is something that wouldn’t be entirely out of the question? I believe its a great start for some good ideas for new challenges to keep people happy in game

The time has come for new content, the T7 level, but will the development team do it and when will it be shown to everyone? That’s the question! The idea is good, make T2 level t5.5 or better T7. such a transitional raid if the development team doesn’t have the time or people to create a new dungeon and bosses, graphics, and everything it takes. Question in other. T5 is a modified T1 raid dungeon and a lot of whether on the Guild server that complete each week these bosses. Would not the same with T2 that only certain guilds will be able to close the raid dungeon? And Yes, make a 2-level passage. t 2 normal and T2 Unchained. The question is open. But just to raise the HP and dps all boss is not enough , it will just be the same T2 tactics. It will be a comparable level world boss, lots of HP, and nothing more… I’m not saying that we need to change all the tactics, I’m thinking need something to add to the already known attacks of the boss, that was not a simple beating of the baby (boss), and was not just a game of degradation. And Yes will it ever done Atlant shards in the raid and 6 man dungeons? This will revive as I think the old content.

to be honest to us it was promised, and it would be a great starting point, to make all the old dungeons (Sanctum, Black Castle etc.) UC. Already this (and perhaps fix back the drop rate of Onyx for those who love the vanity) would be a great starting point to revitalize AoC, giving us a semi-new content that does not require excessive resources Funcom.
Then we can also talk about raids.

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Funcom can’t Copy and Paste a zone, then just change a couple numbers. I believe they can copy the base playfield, then they need to re-add all the NPCs, mobs, etc. Set all their pathing, stats, special abilities/mechanics, etc. Link up quests and triggers. All that needs re-linked. Essentially the full work of making a zone, minus the art.

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I imagine it could take one dedicated dev a week (at least) per zone, times that by how many zones in the game and there u go.

Yes and that’s what I’ve heard too, but, changing number values IS easy and I’ve been in groups on tl with a previous dev who just adjusted boss damage output and hp while we were fighting. And really, would anyone care if things got buffed on a rotating basis (and reverted)? ie; w2 for a month, t3 the next month, w1 the month after etc and same with 6 mans. Hardest thing there I guess would be making sure things don’t get overbuffed or whatever. Might even be a more dynamic and interesting concept than a set of unchaineds.

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Yes, changing numbers on existing content is pretty quick and easy. That means the old version will have to be overwritten, not duplicated. Doing it right, by recreating the entire zone from scratch as would be required to have two versions would take many months.

Not sure how much work it would be to change and revert on a weekly basis. It depends on if they have a simple revert process. It could certainly be far quicker to do this way though if you want to exclude the majority of the player-base from an area for a week though.

No one would even notice in W2 for example took a buff, as hardly anyone does it, ever. You’d just get the whiny protests from the usual crowd who feel excluded even though they haven’t done the raid since 2016. Hell, it could be done to coincide with raid finder (I know that’s only W3 but it’s a thought).

On that, W3 making its way into raid finder could’ve been time used to make more content as described, as that clearly had to be remade and really added nothing whatsoever.

It is just a past and copy is not so complicated as you think, infact when they changed AoK for UC the change involved NM too, now boss with monkeys is not anymomore in instance.
One instance with all mobs and boss in is just one database table. They do one copy of that table and they raise up level until 85 for every mob in new tabel. Only link they have to add is the button you click for enter in proper instace (normal or unchained).
Infact tactic from NM to UC is identical, HoEF is identical just you can ignore any mechanic cause low level of mobs.
Only more optional work they have is put flag on mobs ability (if you want need AA) and drop.
As Evito told, is happened Devs change mobs and boss on fly during the fight for Balance with help of players. I remember it when was added the Golem or T5/6 on testlive

And as I said, that is a far different thing than creating a copy of a playfield.

The devs can’t just copy and paste and expect everything to be there and work perfectly. It has been said by multiple devs in the past, as well as by Mussagana just today in this other thread:

I believe it was CirithGorgor, a previous lead AoC dev, who told us in a bit more detail how un-feasible it was to copy a playfield. I believe he equated it to practically starting over.

Isn’t that what you’re doing to make new zones for raid finder? I think we’re just asking that the next time you want to make a copy of a zone for RF just buff it instead of nerfting it and call it T5.5. Recolor some armor you haven’t recolored yet and give it some better stats.

The main focus of the proposed content would be fantastic for the players/guilds that are unable to handle the mechanics involved in T5/6 raids as they are now. While giving bosses the ability to crit and buffing their hp and damage may not create long-lived material for the guilds who currently clear all tiers, it would certainly give everyone else something that would take time and practice to get though.

As far as the gear rewards being claimed to be unfair to those who have spent the time in T6, that is just silly at this stage in the game. If you want to complain along those lines, then do it about RF rewarding T4 gear to its farmers.

To me, this only comes down to one thing: Can the devs actually do it with the resources they have available? I’m sure we can get enough people to test it for them if they are willing to even try. The gear stats and appearance are a negligible factor that can easily be worked and reworked until a proper balance is found. As the OP stated, a side step from T6 gear seems perfectly acceptable to try and help those that are struggling with T5/6 content, and those who already have those tiers on farm may find a piece or two they like better (especially if things like protection weapons were offered seeing as my full T6 tanks are still using T2 and T3 crafted items for protection)

Adding Atlantean Shards as rewards for existing 6mans and lower tier raids would be another FANTASTIC way of increasing activity that RF has killed over the years. (even if you only get a handful of shards from such runs)

Blodget: Healers need to recast blues every 15sec to keep the auxiliary buffs up! (which give them more damage!!!) ./scoffs at the nab