Christmas content

Since you are talking about the other games xmas content, what about AOC?

How about reactivating veteran tokens for subscribers so we can buy paths? Or give us all 200 veteran tokens (at least enough to buy paths) for all subscribers?

Xmas special annual subscription?



Bring back offline levels and veteran tokens. The veteran NPC is still there anyway.


Past subscribers prior to June 2016(?) / before they stopped Vet Tokens still get whatever numbers of tokens they had earned prior to stopping the program.

For me that means any character I make gets 30+ tokens and my son who subbed a lot more than me, all of his get over 200. The Vet Vendor is still there for players like my son and I.

By comparison…every one of the new chars on my account get over 2600 points

I buy MOAs and insignias for faction points if I want those

Premium bonuses for everyone between Christmas and New Year :santa:

I can buy stuff with those tokens as well, but my point is it was something we used to have for a really long time and that was taken away for no reason, and it was much better than what we have now.

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was taken away so ppl wouldn’t get advanced mounts + horses + bags easily, instead u need to get them from shop… if u are “fairly new” and lack tokens :stuck_out_tongue:

They were account wide…now when you buy something from the ‘new and improved’ item shop you have to buy one per character (except headhunter thing and loyalty rewards).

Offline lvls didn’t bother me anywhere near as much as taking away veteran tokens

put in veteran path account wide sets for 200 funcom points at least

Offline levels didn’t bother me as much as RF does. At least you had to eventually learn how to play your character that you leveled with those offline levels. RF you just take anything in and pretend to do something and get rewarded.

TSW event started on Dec 12th.

Are we getting an event at all?

Short answer: No

Long answer: Your Christmas content is now “World Boss at Christmas and then new years for two weeks”

I hope that its not the case this year but I won’t hold my breath, just as I havent held my breath each of the last 3-4 years. Every year it’s the same. People ask, Funcom answers with silence, and wbwbwbwb. It’ll be no different this year.


maybe vistrix will have a santa’s hat… that will be our Christmas content.

wow that is incredibly lazy of the AoC devs, especially when they could activate old content that already exists.

Funcom is a lazy company.

Vanaheim is atzels fort backwards.

T5 is t1 hardmode

pretty sure if we ever got a t7 it’d be Sanctum of Burning Souls Unchained, or t2 hardmode.

Unchained modes are hard modes of existing dungeons.

a lot of the music in Exiles is taken straight from AoC. Not to mention many assets.

It’s sad but heh.

I think you forget that they were in severe debt for the last few years. Exiles saved their ■■■■■. Considering how the game got more alive since Exiles, I have hope they will put more effort into this awesome game, despite their mistakes. But they need to put more effort for sure.

Activating Double shards from RF and double moas/rare trophies from dungeons would be great! @Mussagana

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Putting shards in t1 to t6 raids be nice too…but increasing shards would be great

Waits for the doubledown silence of Funcom

So far the only typical xmas content we have received are the horrible lag spikes for past few days


What about this old winter solstice event?

It was a fun little event with unique social stuff, and as far as I remember it was only active…twice?

The drinking part of the quest must be looked into, because it does not work with the new drinking mechanic.