I don t get any veteran points

Hello i have one year premium subscribtion and i didn t receive any veteran coins yet ? I am one month premium now and i got nothing. Help pls

Vet tokens were discontinued but the vendors remain which just adds on to the theory that Funcom is chock full of tards.


You get veteran token on older accounts. On accounts created before they were removed. So there is a reason why the vendors are and should be there, for the veterans like me and others.


I like how this guy swooped in to defend Funcom lol. Yea dude I have vet tokens too and likely more than you but the point remains that discontinuing it was just one of many poor decisions made by Funcom.


I am Veteran. My account is from 2008.I bought the game directly from release and I have original copy with DVD and manual !! And i don t get Vet Points ! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

The reason you didn’t get any NEW vet points was stated to you already.

You didn’t get any NEW ones because they were DISCONTINUED by Funcom.

As in, you no get, very sad.

You now get “loyalty rewards” that you have to manually collect by opening up the item store, clicking rewards, and claiming them.

You mean the Loyalty rewards that they have not added new updates for over 2 years?

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Really makes you feel like being a loyal customer, heh?

You get veteran token only when you were subbed during the time they were available. I don’t say this is good or bad, it is just how it is.

Exactly. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Since they’re not really going to add anything new, at least they should restore the veteran points… :roll_eyes:

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You’d better repair the Paysistem so that I can get premium again.

I’m an old time veteran, started playing one day after release. When I start a new character I get about 1080 vet. tokens. There’s a few nice items to pick up for every class, but after buying those I am left with a metric crap ton of points. I will be able to buy a lot of faction tokens later I reckon.