7 weeks and counting

It has been 7 weeks since I posted about this and submitted a ticket. Still no response from Funcom.

Returned to the game a few months ago after being gone for about 10 years. Bought the Ultimate Level 80 Bundle as I had just leveled 2 characters up to level 80 and did not want to do it again anytime soon.

The character did not spawn at level 80 with the gear listed in the bundle. Instead it spawned at level 53 with green gear. I would really like to get what I paid for.

Also, I have been a paying member for about 3 months and still have no Veteran Tokens. Rewards window shows that I have 420 days of total membership. Yes, I ended up biting the bullet and payed for a year at a time.

So Funcom, I see the lights on, but is anyone home?

The level 53 with the ultimate bundle is really odd - did you by any chance still have any other level pushing thing available at that time? There is a level 50 thing from Turan bundle and one from somewhere else if I remember correctly. I do not know what happens if you have 2 of those create on a ceratain level options at the same time. Most certainly there should not spawn a lvl 53 from any of those.

They stopped giving veteran tokesn some years ago. You just keep the ones you already had and get them for every new character on that account, but you can not earn more.
Instead of veteran tokens you now earn days, open your ingame shop, upper left corner rewards, and you can see what you can claim for how many days. The seconds feat build wetn there as well, there is no longer a quest ingame for that.

I think the two GM’s can help fix this issue in-game by doing a /petition - might be worth a try instead of waiting for an email reply :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information about the veteran tokens. Still have 260 of them on my old account that I finally remembered the account name. Only took me a month or so after coming back before name just popped into my head randomly.

I have all of the expansions. I did purchase an old DVD version of the Godslayer expansion from ebay though. Used the CD Key for the extras you got from that version. The 10-pack of 12 hour double experience potions are really nice when leveling. They even stack with the 4 hour experience potions. That along with the Tortage starter pack that comes with it are well worth the $20 it cost from ebay.

Did not think about the level 50 boost from that. When I noticed it available, I was thinking it was an option to spawn a character at level 50 using points.

So now I not only need my Ultimate 80 Bundle, but my level 50 boost as well.

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I will give /petition a try. I have a couple of free hours this afternoon to get on and play.

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