Returning Player...again

I baught this game when it cam out back in the days.
Is there any benefit i can get from that fact? like activation my cd-key or something?

You can create an account for free and try to redeem the key on the boxed version that you have. The premium time probably wont be accepted anymore (I heard about that, not sure if it’s true) but you might get the other bonuses, such as pets, weapons and so on that are included in the bought version in case there are any, if it’s a pure basic version and not a collectors edition then you might get nothing.

If you have an old account you can still use it, it will have some minor benefits over new ones such as old veteran tokens which can’t be gained anymore.

ok thank you.

If you ever had an account before and remember the old login information, just log back in. Not only will it have the F2p restrictions removed, but you’ll get some vet tokens from the time you had a sub.

While Funcom says there’s only 2 account types; F2p and Premium (VIP / Sub), the truth is there really is a 3rd and that’s the old accounts from the sub only days. While they still have most of the current F2p restrictions on them, character slots, global access aren’t the same.

If you only bought the box and never used it, then apply the CD key after you make a new account. I know when I got the Godslayer expansion via Amazon and an old boxed set, the 30 VIP that originally came with the box still worked. So you lose nothing by trying.

i did exactly that and found my old character.
but coundle log in with them. tried about 10 times. and i do only habe 2 character slots.

OK couple fixes:

  • If you have (and it sounds like it) more characters than open slots you’ll have to pick which one’s to unlock and you should have gotten a pop up to that effect.

  • It’s possible your characters are on now closed servers. We’re down to just 2 now; Crom (PvE) and Fury (Pvp). Croms pop is much larger than Fury’s.

You may have to click on the ‘My Account’ button on the launcher to go over to your my account page in order to transfer them. The log in there is the same as your ingame one.

they were on crom. but they are deleted by now.