Reactivate account - only premium

Hi all,

I have played in 2008 Age of Conan then stopped in 2009. I would like now to reactivate the account. When I go for reactivate the account, it gives me only options between 12 months premium and 1 month premium. Before considering any premium account, I would like to try it again with the free 2 play option, why don’t I have the option ?
Thanks for your help !

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I think there is no need to reactivate your account. Just start the game until you see this screen:

Just enter your old username and password to open the charcter selection screen where your old toons should still be available. As F2P you can unlock 2 of them. (Possibly toons must be renamed due to numerous server merges since 2009.)


“reactivate” is code speak for start the sub back up. Just do like Sam said above and log in. At the start all of your characters will be locked and it will prompt you to pick the one’s you want to unlock. Once that’s done get in game and play away.

I did what Samsonyte said and it worked ! I installed the game and done all the downloads and got back my level 64 character from 10 years ago ! :slight_smile: I tried to log in but it took a lot of time and then said login failed, maybe the server is full ?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Hehe… that would be awesome if that was the case but no… servers are not full. There is probably some technical problem going on from your side.
I am not sure what it could be, maybe firewall settings or some router ports.

Im getting the same problem with my 11 year old character.

The game is not blocked by any firewall. I can’t log in for now, I have not solved the problem yet. Xandos if you find out , please let me know !

What server is your character on? Only 2 are left now Fury (pvp) and Crom (pve). You may find on to unlock/move, not sure but something to check. Good luck :beer:

Under my character name, it’s written Fury - Old Tarantia
So I guess this is not the problem.

From what I understand there’s no really any more support by Funcom for that game, so I really don’t know what to do.

I have created a character and it works well. So it’s really about my old one that I cannot use.