Unable to login (old) chars

Hi there,
I tried to reactivate my old account (early access and subscription times). I can login into account management and into the game, but I cannot login one of the chars.
The loading bar is shown for a while and then a get a timeout error message.

Is it possible to fix please? I already opened a ticket two weeks ago, but still no response :frowning:
I tried it f2p…



Anyone alive in funcoms house?
It is so frustrating :frowning:

what server are your characters on ? what server did you play them on last ?

They are on Crom. The lock is green and opened.
But I’m not sure on what server I played last time. It was many years ago. Both chars got generous names (with numeric attaches).
Maybe I just transfered them to Crom without playing when the former server shut down

According account management this account is “playable”

when your Char have with numeric attaches after transfer
then it is the name on the server, you rename the name of the char

But then a window should open to rename that char when trying to select it.

There is no popup for renaming chars.
Can I force that somehow? in account management I have to pay for it.

Is it not possible to play with generic names?

I only know of a similar issue after starting the game without using the patcher after an update.
Then you can enter the character-selection-screen without any problems, but get stuck in loading screen when trying to log in a toon.

I deleted one of the chars and created a new one. this one I can play without issues.
But the original one I still cannot login.

Maybe another point: now I play via Steam (so always with patcher), former of course a stand alone version

if your characters were inactive on a server that was merged, they may be in “storage”. the manes with numbers is a hint that you lost the name during a merger.

And who can solve this issue? Is there a supporter left at funcom?

A GM must address your issue and you’ll have to wait until they can be bothered to do anything as apparently they are all too busy doing other important things …

They’re busy developing other games to talk about for a month and forget about.

Out of curiosity, do you have a Custom UI? They can sometimes cause UI elements to not appear, and could theoretically be causing the rename window to not popup.

good idea! but no I don’t have…

any advise by @AndyB ?

this is a PUSH. still need a fix

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