I need Help, ## Error - Player is already logged in after a chrash some days already

so maybe a char logged in and i cant log in

Error - Player is already logged in

but im not logged in

pls log me char off it was me self and a chrash thats buildet me this Problem

I am experiencing the same problem. There should be a way to sign out your own account, similar to the tool on the account page that lists your characters. I’ve been locked out for 3~ days now and supposedly support takes 2+ weeks to answer. There has to be a better way for a game that has no functioning customer support.

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7 days of an account being logged in and unusable. Got to love paying money for nothing!

Have you tried asking in the official discord channel for help? It’s usually a faster way to get in touch with people that can do something about it :slight_smile:

I’ve had no luck there. Would ask questions about it every few hours for the first 4 days and tried a direct message twice. Not quite sure if that is the place to go either considering one of the “rules” of the discord seems to be

Please note that Funcom staff cannot assist with billing, account, and ingame issues through Discord. If you have an issue that requires assistance from a GM, please open a ticket at Funcom Help - Funcom or open a petition ingame. Thank you!

My experience seems to reinforce that rule as any mention of account issues has ended up with me being ghosted and direct-messages unanswered. Quite odd considering that was the direction I was pointed in by multiple people, but nothing I can do about it. I waited a few days for a petition to get a response and now currently crossing my fingers hoping my reply had enough information to sort it out, maybe another day or two…

still cant log in about char still logged in (hoping servers go down for update i dont see more options for me if no one from FC reading this)

still same problem… and still…

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