Error - Player already logged in, since sunday

Hi. I havent been able to log in for the past 4 days because of this bug that ocurred when I crashed while logging in. I have written an ingame petition on another account, and emailed support. There is no reply. Any suggestions to how I can fix this? I tried turning off my computer, logging in with a different computer, changing my password (using forgotten password). When you do this you get the message that “your account has been logged off” in the register page, but no change.

Creating the same thread in the forum’s Support section won’t help you. Customer support can’t help via forums, only via email ticket, and it takes weeks. Your problem will probably get solved upon the next server restart.

I understand, another poster suggested I raise the issue here instead of the General forum though.

Yeah… good idea, tho if any forum moderator shows up here, he tells you to send a ticket. Let’s hope for the best tho… maybe if they patch this Friday your issue might be solved

Well, if support doesn’t answer your emails for weeks, maybe you should try other ways to reach them? This forum is good way IMHO.
BTW this issue IS urgent because customer have paid the price and gets nothing in return for days. Every day his money go down the toilet so (maybe) he doesn’t have so many weeks to wait till his subscription ends.