Error - Player already logged in

Hi. I havent been able to log in for the past 3 days because of this bug that ocurred when I crashed while logging in. I have written an ingame petition on another account, and emailed support. There is no reply. Any suggestions to how I can fix this? I tried turning off my computer, logging in with a different computer, changing my password (using forgotten password). When you do this you get the message that “your account has been logged off” in the register page, but no change. This is getting really frustrating. I am paying a subscription for a service that is seemingly unsupported…

same problem :S

hope they fix it!

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4th day now without a reply on my petition, email or being able to log in. Every time I come back to a Funcom product I am reminded why I quit playing them in the first place.

Have you tried to create a topic in proper forum section?
This forum section is spammed by nostalgic moaners and general trolls. Customer support is rarely shown here.

4th day without a reply? Read the other threads… it takes weeks to get a reply… I have been waiting since 9th of March for a reply on my ticket.

I remember having the same issue, and it did not get resolved until the server was restarted on patch day.