Can login to character screen but cannot load a character

Hi all,
I have not played since launch really and have decided to revisit the game.

When I get to my character screen, I can see my two characters which are now on Crom. However, when clicking the characters, they are not displayed visually.
When I try to log in with them, I get a loading time bar “Logging in character…” that appears and counts down slowly. This then ends with the information “Timeout. Please try again later.”

Tried DX 10 and 9. I assume this is something related to the character transfers when servers merged, but I have no idea how to proceed now. Guessing they are bugged somehow?

Create a new character and try if it works first. Maybe your old char’s are deleted. I think funcom deleted some chars from accounts who weren’t active for a long time.

Hi Bill13,
I thought of that but, I have a level 70+ and 30+ I have no idea what gear etc I would be deleting to make room for a new character. Would rather play my old characters if I am honest.
Apparently, Funcom only deleted level 20 somethings on the merge.

Create a new account, you can have 3 accounts per e-mail address, and try if it works. You don’t have to delete any of your old chars.

Well a new account lets me login just fine. Just my old one. It is my old one I would like to play with, has all the CE extras etc on them.

I just thought that you maybe had some connection problem or something, but if you can play with another account this is not the problem. Maybe funcom deleted your chars since you didn’t play for a long time, but i don’t know for sure about that. You could delete your lvl 30 char though, lvl 30 is not so high anyway, you are still at the start. It would be better anyway to start a new char since you didn’t play for a long time, just to experience the game from the start again. For your issue you should contact funcom support but it usually takes a long time for them to reply. Maybe send an ingame petition too.

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Thank you for your help, I have sent a support email, but yeah!

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