Returning player unable to login with old character after unlocking them


I recently returned to the game. I made a new character and decided to unlock 2 more as it seemed i was able to unlock 3 total char, as a F2P who had bought and played the game at its launch.
Creating a new character worked great. Currently playing and leveling him without any issue at all.
The problem starts when i try to login either of the two old characters that was created ages ago.
It goes to the “Logging in character” and the bar is showing and it goes down veeeery slow. And i get booted to the account login screen with a message saying timed out.

What i have tried to do so far:

Is restart the computer.
Recheck files.
Of course try to relogging.

The only thing i haven’t tried yet is to reinstall the game anew, which i doubt will do anything. The reason for that is i can play my new character just fine and without any issue at all. I suspect the issue is due to some server transfer or something and there has been a glitch in the process, cause the names of all my old characters has gotten added numbers in the end of their names. Also regarding to names, usually in these games there is an option that let’s you rename your character for free if it has had a forced name changed due to forced server transfer or things like that. I got no option to change the names when i unlocked the two, does that come after i log into the game itself or does AoC not have that option at all?

I have put in a ticket to customer service 3 days ago along with an in-game petition, also 3 days ago, but there has been no answer on either of them. How long does it usually take for CS/GM makes contact? I kinda want to play around with the other characters too. They might not be too high level but they are at least 50-60 and if i remember they had some gold on them etc.

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By the sounds of it, your toons from old serves might be stuck. If you can create and play new ones. As far as GM/CS… good luck. CS last reports on forums for wait times 30-40 days. Petitions have a faster response 2-3 weeks. It might be faster to lvl new toons then wait for funcom response.