Old player who's back and can't play my characters

I have played AoC a long time ago and have tried to come back.

I can log into the game perfectly fine and can see my old characters in the list but when I choose one and try to play it I get a slow moving bar and the error “the operation has timed out” or something similar, from what I have read there has been some server alterations, probably a long time ago and that’s why it’s not working.

I have opened a ticket and was wondering how long it will take for them to get to it, I know posting here won’t hurry it up. I cannot make any more characters to test it and I don’t want to delete any.

The time to receive a reply from customer support varies: 3-days to 3-months

Generally, opening a /petition in game seems to get a GM sooner, but in your case, with a full roster locked out, perhaps a free to play account to make a /petition including the ticket #

Or, use this forum to direct message the Customer Service Manager @Tamtor

Welcome back

In-game petition from f2p won’t be answered.

Contact form from the site is the best solution.

Did you run the patcher when starting the game or did you use the quickstart?

I’ve tried both. This isn’t a patch issue, I’m sure it’s some inactive character issue.

From what I have read they move old characters to an inactive realm and only support can bring them back.

I have no problem getting into the game, I get to the character selection screen and then when I select a character and press play it stalls. I’m sure if I deleted a character I could play from the beginning but I don’t want to do that.

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If the underlying issue is indeed something the matter with old server merges then you’ll need to contact customer support at https://www.funcom.com/help. Make a ticket there and send me a direct message with the ticket number and we’ll see what we can do.