Old 80 Char stuck on log in screen


My old 80 Char stuck on log in screen and , did petition in JUNE 2021, support team dont even reply something or help.

Any other way to Unstuck this char ?


Log in on another pc, if the character can finish the log in from there (possibly into paikang or chosain, just guessing) disable all name tags, npcs beeing the most important ones. Also, move the character away from Khitai.
Then try to log in on your system.

What server is that character on ?

Ha. Did not think of that. Should be the first question though.

it was on some french server, dont remember exactly server name

(any way to join screen capture here ?)

French server befor merge : Ishtar ? Ferox ? Stygia ? if it can help :smiley:

And normaly yeah you can join a capture, with “upload” in your text editor

After may @AndyB can help you with this old toon stuck ??

Does the character screen still shows the character on that server ? or has it been moved to Crom or Fury ?

it was Ferox or ishtar i guess, its now on fury o character selection
new user cant add screenshot it seems

Screen of what happen when i try to log in


Try to log in with some other computer/laptop and/or from some other internet connection, maybe your cell phone internet, to see if you have the same problem.

already tried from another computer and even another connection

Is the problem only with this char or with your other chars or other accounts if you have any too, can you log in with them?

only for this char. its the one i created before 2010. i m playing a new one recently created due to shaman lost in funcom limb

try logging in without any custom ui (just rename the “customized” folder so can get it back later) to see if you get any error message that would not be displayed by the current ui.

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